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Low-water cut-out switchgear kit WMS G2

Technical data
Tender text

The kit detects low water using pressure measurement and is adjusted to the increase in pressure and pressure maintenance of non-potable water. The kit is used exclusively for single-phase products.

For horizontal pumps, the connection is established for 1"1/2 or 2" using a reduction nipple M/M 2"-1"1/2. For vertical pumps, the oval shape 2" connection is possible using an oval counter flange with an O-ring.

The switch-on and switch-off pressure for needs-based operation and pressure range of the pump is configured on the reverse pressure switch. The pressure measurement is carried out using a single-phase low pressure switch. If the pressure decreases and reaches 0.1 bar, the pump is stopped. The pump starts again when the pressure rises and reaches 0.5 bar. These starting and stopping pressure values are factory settings and can be changed. You can use the pressure gauge to define the values.

Scope of delivery

  • Single-phase low-pressure switch
  • T-connector 1/4’’ M/F/F
  • Pressure gauge 0-6 bar
  • M/M reduction nipple 1/2’’ – 1/4’’
  • T-connector 2’’– 1/2’’ – 2’’
  • Reduction nipple M/M 2’’ – 1’’1/2
  • M/M nipple 2’’
  • Oval counter flange 2’’
  • O-ring
Technical data
Mains connection 1~230 V, 50/60 Hz
Min. rated current I 0 A
Max. rated current per pump I 16 A
Switch-off pressure 0.1 bar
Start-up pressure 0.5 bar
Min. measurement range 0 bar
Max. measurement range 0.75 bar
Min. ambient temperature 0 °C
Max. ambient temperature 55 °C
Pipe connection G 2
Length L 110 mm
Width W 130 mm
Height H 250 mm
Net weight, approx. 2 kg
Make Wilo
Item no. 4204512

Certificate REACH (Documents)

REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
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