Wilo-Stratos MAXO-Z

Series description


Smart glandless circulator with screwed connection or flange connection, EC motor with integrated electronic power adjustment


Domestic hot water circulation systems of all kinds, hot-water heating systems of all kinds, air-conditioning, closed cooling circuits, industrial circulation systems

Type key

Example:Wilo-Stratos MAXO-Z 40/0,5-8
Stratos MAXOHigh-efficiency pump (screw-end or flange-end pump), electronically controlled
ZSingle pump for domestic hot water circulation
40/Nominal connection diameter
0,5-8Nominal delivery head range [m]

Special features/product advantages

  • Intuitive operation by application-guided settings with the Setup Guide plus the combination of a new display and operating button using the Green Button Technology.
  • Highest standard of drinking water hygiene and energy efficiency with the new, innovative, intelligent T-const. control function.
  • Optimum hygiene promotion through thermal disinfection detection.
  • Latest communication interfaces (e.g. Bluetooth) for connection to mobile devices and direct pump linkage via Wilo Net for multi-pump control.
  • Highest electrical installation comfort through clearly arranged and large terminal room as well as optimised Wilo-Connector.


Fields of application

The pump facilitates an operation with highest system efficiency via precise setting of the control mode for the system-specific application (e.g. radiator, underfloor heating, ceiling cooling).


  • Radiator
  • Underfloor heating
  • Ceiling heating
  • Fan heater
  • Hydraulic shunt
  • Heat exchanger


  • Ceiling cooling
  • Underfloor cooling
  • Air-Conditioning devices
  • Hydraulic shunt
  • Heat exchanger

Heating and cooling combined

  • Automatic switchover

The following control modes are available depending on the selected application:

Control modes

  • Constant speed (control mode)
  • Δp-c for constant differential pressure
  • Δp-v for variable differential pressure
  • Dynamic Adapt plus for continuous (dynamic) adjustment of the delivery rate to the current requirement
  • T-const. for constant temperature regulation
  • ΔT for differential temperature control
  • Constant Q for constant volume flow control
  • Multi-Flow Adaptation: Total volume flow-determination through the feeder pump for the needs-based supply of secondary pumps in the heating circuit distributors
  • User-defined PID controller

Optional functions

  • Q-limitmax. for limiting the maximum volume flow
  • Q-limitmin. for limiting the minimum volume flow
  • No-Flow Stop (zero-flow-deactivation)
  • Automatic setback operation
  • Index circuit evaluator (Δp-c control with external actual value sensor)
  • Thermal disinfection detection
  • Variable pitch of Δp-v pump curve

Manual settings

  • Selection of the field of application through the Setup Guide
  • Setting the related operating parameters
  • Nominal duty point: direct input of calculated duty point at Δp-v
  • Display status and history (volume flow, temperature, electric consumption, delivery head, fault display, diagnosis display)
  • Setting and resetting the energy meters (heating and cooling)
  • Pump venting function
  • Key lock for disabling the settings
  • Function for resetting the factory setting or the saved parameters
  • Configuring/parameterising the analogue inputs
  • Configuring/parameterising the binary inputs
  • Configuring/parameterising the relay outputs

Automatic functions

  • Power adjustment according to requirements for energy-efficient operation depending on the operating mode
  • Automatic setback operation
  • Automatic deactivation at zero-flow-detection (No-Flow Stop)
  • Automatic deblocking function
  • Soft start
  • Automatic troubleshooting routines (automatic restart)
  • Automatic switchover heating/cooling mode
  • Full motor protection with integrated trip electronics

External control inputs and their functions

2x analogue input:

  • Signal types: 0 – 10 V, 2 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA, 4 – 20 mA, PT1000
  • Applications: Remote setpoint adjustment for every operating mode, sensor inputs for temperature, differential pressure or free sensor in user-defined PID-operating mode

2x digital input:

  • For potential-free control outputs or switch
  • Parametrizable functions:
    • ext. OFF
    • ext. MIN
    • ext. MAX
    • Key lock
    • Switchover heating/cooling mode

Wilo Net for double pump management of 2 single pumps, communication of several pumps with each other and pump-remote adjustment

Signal and display functions

  • Display status operation display:
    • Setpoint
    • Actual delivery head
    • Actual volume flow
    • Heat and cooling energy meter
    • Electric consumption
    • Temperatures
  • Status display LED: Faultless operation (green LED), pump communication (blue LED)
  • Display status diagnosis display (display colour red):
    • Error codes and error description in full text
    • Remedial measures
  • Collective fault signal SSM (potential-free changeover contact)
  • Collective run signal SBM (potential-free normally open contact)

Data exchange

  • Bluetooth interface for wireless data exchange and remote operation of the pump using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Serial digital interface Modbus RTU for connecting building automation (BA) via RS485 bus system (possible with Wilo-CIF module Modbus RTU).
  • Serial digital interface BACnet MS/TP for connecting building automation (BA) via RS485 bus system (possible with Wilo-CIF module BACnet MS/TP).
  • Serial digital interface CANopen for connecting building automation (BA) via bus system CANopen (possible with Wilo-CIF module CANopen).
  • Serial digital interface LON TP/FT-10 for connecting building automation (BA) via LONWorks bus system (possible with Wilo-CIF module LON TP/FT-10).
  • Serial digital interface PLR for connecting BA via company-specific coupling module (possible with Wilo-CIF module PLR).


  • For flange-end pumps: Flange versions
    • Standard version for DN 32 to DN 65 pumps: PN 6/10 combination flange (PN 16 flange according to EN 1092-2) for PN 6 and PN 16 counter flanges
    • Standard version for DN 80/DN 100 pumps: PN 6 flange (designed for PN 16 according to EN 1092-2) for PN 6 counter flange
    • Special version for DN 32 to DN 100 pumps: PN 16 flange (according to EN 1092-2) for PN 16 counter flange
  • Various integrated communication interfaces and optionally usable CIF-module plug-in position
  • 5 cable inlets for connecting the communication interfaces
  • Bluetooth interface
  • High resolution graphic display with Green Button and 2 additional buttons
  • User-friendly terminal room
  • Integrated volume flow and temperature sensor
  • Thermal insulation as standard for heating applications
  • Quick electrical connection with optimised Wilo-Connector for the power supply


  • Pump housing made of stainless steel
  • Thermal insulation: polypropylene
  • Impeller: Plastic
  • Shaft: Stainless steel
  • Bearing: Carbon

Scope of delivery

  • Pump
  • Optimised Wilo-Connector
  • 2x threaded cable connection M16 x 1.5
  • Washers for flange screws (for nominal connection diameters DN 32 ‐ DN 65)
  • Including gaskets for threaded connection
  • Thermal insulation
  • Installation and operating instructions


  • Special versions for operating pressure PN 16


  • Screwed connections for threaded connection
  • Counter flange (DN 32 to DN 100)
  • Adapter fittings
  • Insulation for refrigeration applications
  • PT1000 sensors
  • Differential pressure sensor
  • Wilo CIF modules: Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP, CANopen, LON TP/FT-10, PLR

Special versions

Observe local information and instructions for the drinking water directive!

Duty chart

Pump curves


General overview

Edition 2017
Page format A4
Number of pages 72

PDF (46 MB)


PDF: Wilo-Stratos MAXO-Z


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