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The American-Marsh all 316 stainless steel vertical turbine shown here is one of ten complete deep-set turbines at the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Facility in Miami, FL. All ten pumps were installed around the cooling lakes used by the power facility to lower the salinity levels in the ground water by pulling the water out of the ground and pumping it to ASR injection well.

We have supplied highly engineered pump products to the industrial market for over 146 years. This includes split case, end suction, ANSI, self-priming and vertical turbine pumps designed for the applications. Our experience has resulted in providing our customers with durable pumps of the highest quality.

View more information about American-Marsh pumps used in the Industrial market below.

Pumps and accessories for the Industrial market:

320 Series SREM, SOSM

340 Series HD

380 Series HH

460 Series OSD

480 Series VT