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Wilo-Yonos MAXO-Z RMOT
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For Wilo-Yonos MAXO/Yonos MAXO-D pumps in the event of replacement

  • Functional unit with motor, impeller and electronic module


Rmot Yonos MAXO/-D

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Yonos MAXO/-D

Article Number 2175507
Edition 2018-03
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 18
PDF (5 MB)

Wilo-Yonos MAXO /-D/-Z

Article Number 2212299
Edition 2020-12
Page format 630.1 x 148.2 mm
Number of pages 160
PDF (7 MB)

Certificate REACH (Documents)

REACH regulation

Edition 2020-08
Page format 209.9 x 296.7 mm
Number of pages 4
PDF (1 MB)