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8 Things NOT to flush down the toilet

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Below is a list of 8 things that should be going in the bin, not your plumbing system.

8 Things NOT to flush down the toilet

As convenient as it is to chuck everything in the toilet – there are some things that are better suited to a bin. Misusing your toilet can cost you excess water (each time you flush the toilet you will waste 1.8L on a half or 3.6 on a full flush), the cost of that water and cost of a plumber to fix your plumbing should it become clogged.

Below is a list of 8 things that should be going in the bin, not your plumbing system.

Wet wipes

‘Flushable’ wipes are public enemy number one when it comes to maintaining a healthy plumbing system. Makeup wipes, Car cleaning wipes, baby wipes, wet wipes - If it ends in the word “wipes” it should not be going anywhere near your toilet.

Wet wipes are made of materials that don’t disintegrate in liquid (like toilet paper) so they trap residues, and combine together in drainage systems causing major damage to your plumbing, local sewage systems and marine animals.

Paper towels

Don’t be deceived by paper towel’s toilet paper like appearance. Even though they seem the same, the increased thickness of paper towels combined with their absorbency mean they don’t break down like toilet paper. Make sure you dispose of your paper towels in the bin or even better, switch to a fabric kitchen towel to reduce waste even further.

Sanitary products

Anything made of cotton shouldn’t be in the toilet. Like paper towels – these products are made to be absorbent so when they are exposed to liquid they swell and can cause major issues in your plumbing.


Hairballs, gross in general and even grosser when combined with sewage waste creating a major clog in your plumbing. To avoid a gag-worthy situation in your bathroom – make sure all hair is disposed of in the rubbish.


This goes without saying – but nappies are far too large to be flushed down the drain. There are a huge range of odour preventing bags so you can place these in the bin without worrying about the smell.

Drugs and medicines

Help keep Australia’s water systems clean by not contaminating water with products from your medicine cabinet, these are dangerous for a number of reasons including accidental ingestion by children, birds or marine life.

Cat litter

Even “flushable” cat litter can block and damage your plumbing system. Save yourself money and water by disposing of cat litter in the rubbish in an odour free bag!

Food products

Cooking oils, fats, grease, burnt, vegetable peels and all other food items can combine a cocktail of destruction in your plumbing. Although these products are more commonly disposed of into the sink – you shouldn’t let them enter your pipework at all – throw food in the rubbish bin.