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Rainwater pumps and rainwater tanks in Australia

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Learn more about rainwater use in Australia!

Rainwater pumps and rainwater tanks in Australia

Everything you need to know to start using rainwater in Australia – protect the environment and save yourself money! We get heaps of questions about the cost installing of a rainwater system in your home. Below is a summary article that includes answers to all our most common rainwater tank FAQs!

Rainwater harvesting is growing in popularity, with people becoming more environmentally conscious and rainwater systems becoming more affordable and accessible to everyone. Harvesting rainwater can be rewarding both financially and environmentally. You can reap the rewards of installing a rainwater tank and pump in your house or business, making use of the tropical Queensland rain or preserving precious winter rain in drier climates.

The benefits of installing a jet pump and tank go beyond simply saving money and using less water, you will also be reducing the amount of water that goes into your local public water system – reducing costs further! The long term benefits of including a rainwater tank in your home far outweigh the costs.

How you use your rainwater in Australia depends on the size, position and design of the rainwater tank and rainwater pump system. Usually rainwater is used to water gardens, clean outdoor areas, irrigate crops, wash cars and fill pools and spas! This type of installation is fairly simple but can save you a lot of money.

Rainwater use doesn’t stop there – with a little extra planning you can also design your system to provide flushing water for your toilets, hot water supply and even laundry! Using rainwater inside the home requires a few more regulations to be met – any great plumber can take you through these. Although the concept is fairly simple (using free, sometimes abundant rainwater instead of relatively expensive mains water), planning and installation still require professional expertise.

We strongly recommend you use an Australian Licensed plumber, this ensures your rainwater collection system will be legal, functional and efficient.

Wilo is a German rainwater pump manufacturer. We have a huge product range for your home or business including submersible pumps, jet pumps, hot water circulators and a massive range of commercial German pump technology.

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