Series description


Single-stage, low-pressure centrifugal pump with axial suction, mounted on a baseplate.


  • Pumping of heating water (acc. to VDI 2035), cold water and water/glycol mixtures without abrasive substances in heating, cold water and cooling systems.
  • Applications for irrigation, building services, general industry, power stations, etc.

Type key

ExampleNL 40/200B-11/2
NLStandard pump with axial suction
40DN for the pressure flange
200Impeller nominal diameter [mm]
BHydraulic version
11Rated power P2 [kW]
2Number of poles

Special features/product advantages

  • Reduced life-cycle costs through optimised efficiency levels
  • Bidirectional, force-flushed mechanical seal
  • Low NPSH values, best cavitation properties
  • Shaft coupling with or without spacer coupling

Technical data

  • Minimum Efficiency Index (MEI) ≥ 0.4
  • Permissible temperature range of -20°C to +120°C
  • Mains connection 3~400 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class IP 55
  • Nominal diameter DN 32 to DN 150
  • Max. operating pressure 16 bar

Scope of delivery

  • Pump
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Pump with free shaft end or
  • Pump on baseplate with coupling and coupling guard, without motor or
  • Completely mounted pump on baseplate with electric motor


  • Pump housing and pressure lid: EN-GJL-250
  • Bearing bracket: EN-GJL-250
  • impeller: EN-GJL-250
    (special version: G-CuSn10)
  • Shaft: X20Cr13
  • Mechanical seal: AQ1EGG
    (other mechanical seals on request)


  • Single-level, low-pressure centrifugal pump as baseplate pump with axial suction ports with flanged bearing bracket and axle fastening for flexibly coupled drives
  • Spacer coupling (sleeve coupling) available optionally, they provide the option to leave the motor in position when dismantling the rotor unit


  • If pumps with 2900 rpm are installed inside residential buildings, then corresponding noise reducing measures are to be implemented.
  • Pump curves and specific motor powers depend on the respective fluid being pumped. Pump curves and power vary considerably when fluids are conveyed that differ from water in thickness and/or viscosity. For this, please observe the table "Recommended limit values for dimensioning".
    The recommended limit values for dimensioning are calculated as follows:
    Qoptimum (volume flow at which the pump reaches its best efficiency), to be read from the individual pump curve; factors Qmin and Qmax , to be taken from the table "Recommended limit values for dimensioning".

    Qmin dimensioning = Qmin x Qoptimum
    Qmax dimensioning = Qmax x Qoptimum
    Example: Size NL 32-125
    Qmin = 0.3 x 8 = 2.4 m3/h
    Qmax = 1.2 x 8 = 9.6 m3/h
  • Load-sensitive pump output
    All Wilo standard pumps are equipped with IEC standard motors. The Wilo control devices are suitable for automatic load-sensitive speed control of pumps that are driven by any standard motors of conventional manufacture.
  • Main/standby mode


Automatic speed control:

for automatic, infinitely variable pump power control. Please contact Wilo for more information on “Switchgears and control devices”.

General notes - ErP (ecological design-) directive

The benchmark for most efficient water pumps is MEI ≥ 0.70The efficiency of a pump with a trimmed impeller is usually lower than that of a pump with the full impeller diameter. The trimming of the impeller will adapt the pump to a fixed duty point, leading to reduced energy consumption. The minimum efficiency index (MEI) is based on the full impeller diameter.The operation of this water pump with variable duty points may be more efficient and economic when controlled, for example, by the use of a variable speed drive that matches the pump duty to the system.Information on benchmark efficiency is available at www.europump.org/efficiencychartsPumps with power consumption > 150 kW or a volume flow QBEP < 6 m3/h are not subject to the Ecodesign Directive for water pumps. Therefore, no MEI value is shown.

Duty chart

Wilo-CronoNorm NL (2-pole)

Wilo-CronoNorm NL (4-pole)


Approved fluids (other fluids on request)

Heating water (in accordance with VDI 2035)

Cooling and cold water

Water-glycol mixtures (for 20-40 vol.% glycol and fluid temperature ≤ 40 °C)

(from 10 vol.% glycol: Performance check required; up to 50% glycol: mechanical seal on request)

Heat transfer oil

Special version at additional charge

Permitted field of application

Standard version for operating pressure pmax

16 bar

Temperature range at max. ambient temperature +40 °C

-20…+120°C (version with mechanical seal)
-20…+105°C (version with stuffing box packing)

Installation in closed buildings

Outdoor installation

Special version at additional charge

Pipe connections

Nominal connection diameters DN

32 - 150

Flanges (according to ISO 7005-2)

(up to a nominal diameter DN 150);
PN10 (nominal diameter DN 200)


Pump housing


Pressure lid


Bearing bracket




Impeller (special version)


Pump shaft


Mechanical seal


Electrical connection

Rated speed n

1370 rpm

Mains connection

3~400 V, 50 Hz


Protection class

IP 55

Insulation class


Speed control

Wilo control devices, external frequency converter (at additional charge)

Motor winding up to 3 kW

230 V Δ/400 V Y, 50 Hz

Motor winding from 4 kW

400 V Δ/690 V Y, 50 Hz


Clean Water

Page format A4
Number of pages 24

PDF (8 MB)


General overview

Edition 2017
Page format A4
Number of pages 72

PDF (46 MB)


Wilo-CronoNorm-NL, NLG

Article Number 4168440
Edition 1111
Version number 01
Page format A4
Number of pages 59

PDF (3 MB)



PDF: Wilo-CronoNorm-NL


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