Dewatering/Flood control

Fast, clean and reliable

Regardless of whether a shower, toilet, driveway or garage, we offer you an optimum solution for drainage in an emergency as well. It makes no difference whether a stationary or a portable installation is concerned. Our pumps are suited in this respect for both municipal sewage and rainwater. Our product portfolio for drainage and flood protection comprises sewage lifting units, basement drainage, wastewater pumps and even high-performance faeces lifting units. Our chief aim is to provide you with the most reliable product requiring the least amount of maintenance. The risk of flooding has increased significantly in recent years. When strongly contaminated water has to be disposed of – after flooding, for example – you need expert problem solvers. Wilo has developed a few true all-rounders to deal with challenging tasks like these, such as the Wilo-Drain TP series. The ultra-lightweight pumps are easy to transport and use. They are also characterised by a particularly heavy-duty plastic hydraulics system.