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Our sustainability strategy


We have developed an explicit sustainability strategy on the basis of our Ambition 2025 corporate strategy. The central tenet of this strategy is to provide more people with clean water while simultaneously reducing the ecological footprint. To this end, we have defined clear sustainability targets that we are realising through innovative water management solutions and services, smart and highly efficient products, sustainable processes, and resource-efficient production.


We have formulated a total of 17 strategic goals within four strategic action areas. To make the progress of target attainment transparent and measurable, we have established half-yearly Sustainability Councils and integrated the 17 goals into our regular reporting within the company.


We are facilitating better access to clean water for 100 million people.

Increased provision of innovative water solutions: Growth rate 7.5%.

Expansion of smart water system portfolio: Growth rate 35%.

Expansion of strategic partnerships.

Reduction in drinking water consumption at Wilo’s sites: 20%.


We are reducing CO2 emissions by 50 million t.

Energy savings through high-efficiency pumps: 1.8 TWh per year.

Increase in energy solution projects: 10,000 projects per year.

Expansion of smart product portfolio: Growth rate 15%.

Reduction in CO2 emissions at Wilo’s sites: Climate-neutral production.


We are reducing the consumption of raw materials by 250 t.

Increase in the number of reused components: 30,000 items per year.

Reduction in material consumption: 12 t per year.

Increased use of reusable packaging: 100%.

Increase in recycling rate at Wilo’s sites: 90%.


We act responsibly towards employees and society.

Promotion of training programmes: 20 new training centres.

Ensuring social compliance: 90% training coverage.

Effective development programs: 70% of managers developed internally.

Strengthening the culture of diversity: 20% of management positions filled by women.

Ensuring a safe working environment: 0 accidents.