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Wilopark Rendering Übersicht 2022

How we are dealing with COVID-19

Foreword by Oliver Hermes on the coronavirus pandemic

The Wilo Group, as an industrial and technology group, makes a significant contribution to keeping systemically important sectors and vital infrastructures operational. With our products, systems and solutions, we operate applications daily life would be virtually impossible without and we therefore assume social responsibility. Despite social distancing, our digital services enable us to stand by our customers every day.

This would not be possible without our approximately 8,000 committed employees worldwide, to whom we would like to express our sincere gratitude.

We invite you to find out more about our activities to combat the corona virus and encourage you to enter a dialogue with us.

Your Oliver Hermes,
President & CEO of the Wilo Group

Health comes first

We take our social responsibility and duty of care very seriously! In all of our activities and actions during the coronavirus pandemic, the health of our employees, customers and partners has and always will be our top priority. For this reason, we massively ramped up our precautionary, hygiene and safety measures at the start of the pandemic without neglecting you as a contact partner.

Wilo – your dependable partner, even in challenging times

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Wilo has been able to maintain a seamless supply of products despite the global challenges faced by all. Thanks to our efficient procurement and distribution network, we have been able to keep our worldwide supply chains stable and this has allowed us to maintain the same high standards of product quality and availability. What’s more: through the use of innovative digital tools, we’ve been helping our customers and stakeholders as a dependable partner in these difficult times and supporting them at every opportunity. We are therefore making an important contribution to ensuring future economic prosperity and helping create the basis for a smooth resumption once the restrictions caused by the pandemic are lifted.

This will remain your port of call for all the latest news and information, as we at Wilo tackle the changes to our daily circumstances as a result of the pandemic and play our part in combating the virus.