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Entry options

Regardless of whether you’re a school pupil, a student, a graduate or an experienced employee: We provide a suitable entry path option for everyone. At the same time, we attach great importance to each employee’s current life situation.

Read on to find out more about the various entry paths at Wilo for differing life situations.

Young Professionals Pupils

Wilo already provides attractive options for pupils to enter the world of work. Wilo offers a variety of apprenticeships, including positions as industrial clerks, mechatronic technicians, cutting machine mechanics or electronics engineers. In addition, there is also an option to complete a combined course of study in business informatics.
Whether a classic apprenticeship or a combined degree course with vocational training: Wilo offers pupils the perfect start to working life.

Young Professionals Students

Wilo offers students a range of options to prepare for the world of work or to gain initial work experience parallel to their studies. For Wilo, whether you are looking for an internship, a basic internship, a working student position or a dissertation opportunity is immaterial. Wilo offers the flexibility required to enable you to combine your working hours with your university or technical college timetable. In addition, Wilo’s competent employees are always on hand with help and advice for our student employees and assist them with their dissertation – within the permitted boundaries.

Graduates & Professionals

No matter whether you are fresh out of university, have a lateral entry path or have just changed the employer: Wilo offers suitable positions for all life situations. The important thing is that you are ambitious, enjoy working in teams and are open to training and further study. Wilo’s professional team, eager to extend its leadership in innovation, always welcomes fresh stimulus.