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Are you looking for an apprenticeship where you can learn something new every day, the work is fun, and you can overcome challenges in a team? If so, you’ll fit right in with us!

Apprenticeships at Wilo

Kick start your future

A bright spark with a hands-on approach and a passion for their future career – that’s our ideal apprentice. If you’re looking for an apprenticeship that can broaden your horizons on a daily basis and which offers team work with an element of fun, then you’ll fit right in with us. Take inspiration from the variety of the apprenticeship positions at Wilo.

Training professions

  • Electronics engineer specialising in industrial engineering (sites: Dortmund and Oschersleben)

  • Electronics engineer with specialisation in mechanical engineering and drive systems engineering (site: Hof)

  • Warehouse logistics specialist (site: Dortmund)

  • Industrial electrician (site: Hof)

  • Industrial clerk (site: Dortmund)

  • Industrial mechanic (site: Dortmund and Hof)

  • Cutting machine mechanic (site: Hof)

  • Warehouse Clerk (site: Hof)

Theory meets practice in the dual study programmes at Wilo

The choice of which bachelor study courses to take is entirely up to you. One thing you can be certain of is that we will get your mind stimulated, provide you with a well-founded, practical basis and also show you what it means to put your heart and soul into your work.

Rarely have applicants been so spoilt for choice – our courses guarantee a perfect blend of theory and practice.

Dual study programmes

  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Informatics (site: Dortmund)

Information about your apprenticeship

The Wilo way

No company is the same as the next: Wilo makes your entry path and development easy. We want to help you develop, not just place demands on you. Learn more about our offers.

Wilo Welcome

The Wilo Welcome is the friendly “Hello” we extend to apprentices and new recruits. It provides you with information about the company, the apprenticeship and further training, plus plenty of opportunities to get to know your new colleagues. To ensure an element of fun, the schedule includes a special apprentice puzzlehunt and a networking event.

Work training

With Wilo you are always on the ball! The manual training at Wilo aids your performance at vocational training college and systematically prepares you for your exams. We have developed a complete training workshop where apprentices in technical jobs can put theory into practice under the supervision of a competent instructor.

Training courses & projects

We put great emphasis on holistic development. In addition to regular product training, we offer our apprentices the opportunity to further their personal and social skills by participating in seminars. Apprentices can also work on different projects in interdisciplinary teams and practise what they have learnt.

Trade fair visit

Our apprentices attend trade fairs with us – sometimes as visitors, and sometimes as Wilo ambassadors. Trade fairs allow our apprentices to familiarise themselves with product innovations and thus develop a better understanding of the sector. At school fairs, they represent Wilo and pass their experiences on to other pupils.


What should I expect in my job interview?

The same applies as for an apprenticeship or a course of study: if you want to know more, you only have to ask.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

You can upload your application via our web-based portal.

If you are younger than 16 years old, we need the consent of your legal guardian to apply. A template for the consent of your parent or guardian can be found here.

Please register and submit your application on our web-based portal:

What application deadlines apply?

You should apply approximately twelve months before you want your apprenticeship to start. The application closing date is 31 October of the previous year.

What does a strong application contain?

When submitting an application, you must ensure that it is complete, i.e. that it contains all of your documents. It must also include a compelling cover letter, a complete tabular CV, your last two school reports/certificates and, if applicable, certification of internships and other certificates.

When will I hear back from Wilo?

You will be given confirmation of receipt shortly after applying to inform you that we have received your documents. Invitations to recruitment tests are sent out after the autumn school holidays at the earliest.

How does the selection process work?

After reviewing your application documents, we narrow down the field to the suitable candidates. We then invite these candidates to an interview with training instructors or training managers. We have also created a recruitment test for you to sit. Some sites feature an Apprentice Assessment Centre. This helps us to work out whether you are the right fit for our company.

What should I expect in my job interview?

If we invite you to an interview, you have already cleared the first hurdle: your profile caught our eye, you have impressed us with your performance in our recruitment test and we would like to get to know you better. Speak authentically and be yourself – don’t try to be someone you are not. Take the opportunity to find out whether your training profession will be right for you. We’ll be doing the same.

How can I prepare for my interview?

Please think about what you can do, what you expect, where you want to go and why you are aspiring to the respective training profession and why we are right for you. Note down any questions you want to ask in the interview.

How much will I earn during the apprenticeship?

The apprenticeship pay is based on the metal and electrical industry collective wage agreement or the WILO SE company agreement. An on-site contact will be happy to provide you with information on the respective current remuneration level.

In which areas is it possible to do a trial internship or work experience placement?

You can complete a trial internship or work experience placement in both sales and technical areas.

How do I apply for a trial internship or work experience placement?

You can apply via our web-based portal. Please ensure that your application contains a cover letter, your CV and your last school report/certificate.

If you are younger than 16 years old, we need the consent of your legal guardian to apply. A template for the consent of your parent or guardian can be found here.

Please register and submit your application on our web-based portal:

As parents, how can we find out more about the apprenticeship?

You can get in touch with the relevant contact person. We also offer work experience placements during the holidays for interested pupils.

As a teacher, how can I find out more about the training professions at Wilo?

We also offer special internships for teachers. Simply get in touch with the relevant contact person. We can then arrange an appointment to discuss the details.

Move minds. Move water. Move the future.

Contact for apprenticeship matters in Dortmund and Oschersleben

Heidemarie Schöpke


Nortkirchenstraße 100
44263 Dortmund

0231 4102 7282

Contact for Apprenticeship at Hof

Kerstin Bruckner


Heimgartenstraße 1-3
95030 Hof

09281 974 251