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Your career perspectives

We esteem the daily commitment of our employees and want to support them individually in developing their potential. Awarded as a "TOP employer" since 2008, Wilo contributes to realising employee careers through optimum working conditions in many ways. For many current employees, the possibility of a "career at Wilo" has been a decisive reason for consciously choosing Wilo as their employer. To achieve this, five pillars to offer our employees optimal career opportunities guide us:


A career at Wilo means being able to take personal and professional development steps and thus assume responsibility at different levels. In order to support our employees individually in their development, personnel development offers a wide range of services.

International vs. national

As a globally positioned company, Wilo promotes careers beyond national borders. The opportunity to work abroad for a certain period of time or permanently enables our employees to gain intercultural experience, promote personal development and raise business potential for Wilo.

Individual Responsibility

Individual responsibility at Wilo means that every employee is responsible for his or her own career. On his personal career path, he is accompanied by managers and supported by the HR Development department.

Internal and external

A close link between external recruiting and internal development is indispensable.

Wilo believes in the power of internal careers and promotes them in the best possible way. At the same time, it is important for Wilo to integrate input from employees who have already gained experience in other contexts and to learn from them.


Careers at Wilo are not rigid, but can be colourful, individual and flexible. Wilo welcomes diversity in the company and promotes equal opportunities for all. For this reason, the issue of diversity occupies a high priority throughout the company in a wide variety of areas. Because: Wilo's global success is driven by diversity and the appreciation of the variety of all employees and colleagues serves the economic success. As a sign of this, Wilo officially joined the Corporate Charter of Diversity in 2016.