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25 Sep 2018

Wilo-Padus PRO: An efficient solution for reliable excavation drainage

A powerful IE3 motor, a robust design with rubber-coated hydraulics and impellers made from hardened chrome steel make the Wilo-Padus PRO particularly efficient and reliable.

Powerful IE3 motor and a robust for highest efficiency and reliability.

Submersible drainage pumps are subject to enormous loads caused by abrasive media when draining excavations. This poses the risk of pump performance continually decreasing while energy consumption increases. In the worst case, the water will no longer be completely drained, with consequences ranging from delays to suspension of building work. With the Wilo-Padus PRO, Wilo offers a system solution for excavation drainage that is simultaneously efficient and reliable.

“We have systematically designed the Padus PRO to handle demanding tasks in excavation settings,” explained Product Manager Olivier Armbruster. “It simultaneously combines maximum reliability with a high level of energy efficiency.” This is made possible by the powerful IE3 motor, a robust pump design with rubber-coated hydraulics and an impeller finished with duplex chrome steel. Active cooling facilitates reliable continuous duty, with this cooling passively ensured in so-called slurping operation. “We have developed a product in which the interplay of all components is proof of a sophisticated system solution.”

Easy installation – maximum operational reliability

As a lightweight ‘plug & play solution’ with a flexible pressure connection – which can be configured horizontally or vertically –, the Wilo-Padus PRO is easy to install and can be used almost anywhere. When deployed in excavation settings, the impellers and hydraulic components of submersible pumps are worn down by solid substances such as sand and small stones, which negatively impacts on pump performance in continuous duty. However, with its robust construction, the Wilo-Padus PRO is specifically designed to handle such demanding tasks. For instance, the clearance between the impeller and baseplate can be adjusted to raise the pump’s efficiency again. Thanks to quick and easy access to its wearing parts, the pump is also exceptionally easy to maintain. What is more, an additional module to monitor the pump’s electronics and save operation data is set to be integrated in the near future: “Performing maintenance while building work is ongoing is inconvenient and time-consuming – which is why we also offer the WiloCare service with operating data analysis and optimised maintenance scheduling for the Wilo-Padus PRO,” said Armbruster. “WiloCare allows you to read out and analyse the pump’s operating status, which therefore ensures operational reliability. The service can be adapted to meet a client’s individual requirements with the Basic, Comfort and Premium packages.”

Central monitoring even in major construction projects

Depending on the scale of a project, wastewater pumps may be distributed over a wide area within the excavation area. This makes it difficult to monitor them and usually requires regular, labour-intensive on-site checks. “It can be difficult to gauge the precise causes of problems or estimate when they occurred. This can lead to a complete shutdown, which is both time-consuming and costly,” said Armbruster, speaking from the experience of countless conversations with clients. “WiloCare removes the need for the site operator to conduct these checks as they are carried out by the Wilo Service team. Depending on the package selected, we can then offer an all-inclusive, worry-free solution.”

Key challenges in drainage of excavations