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Wilo sets the course for the future with reorganized areas of competence

Dortmund. Technology, Sales, Finance and Chair of the Board are the new areas of competence in Wilo's reorganized Executive Board. With effect from 1st August 2017, the Dortmund pump and pump system manufacturer Wilo is reshuffling its management in order to consistently pursue its programme “Ambition 2020+”, the objective of which is the long-term implementation of Wilo's corporate aims and strategy.

“The organizational changes are necessary in order that we can adapt ourselves to the prevailing general economic and technological conditions,” says Prof. Dr. Norbert Wieselhuber, Chairman of the Wilo Supervisory Board, explaining the reasons for the change. The new positions resulting from the newly adapted areas of competence at Wilo will be filled internally. “Through these structural changes we shall be able to optimize our processes and strengthen our basis for accelerated and profitable growth in the future,” adds Oliver Hermes, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Wilo Group.

Strengthened Production and Development

All production-related and development-related corporate activities will in future be the responsibility of just one member of the Executive Board. The new member of the Executive Board responsible for Production and Technology (Chief Technical Officer/CTO) will be Georg Weber. Mr. Weber has been with the Wilo Group for five years and was hitherto responsible for the group functions Electronics & Motors (E&M) and Group Production Systems & Technologies (GPS). Moreover, as a member and driving force of the interdepartmental Digi-Team, Mr. Weber has for the past two years been accompanying the Wilo Group into the digital age.

Improved market orientation and customer proximity

The responsibility for Group Marketing will now be taken over by Oliver Hermes, Chairman of the Executive Board, with the focus on the continuous further development and strengthening of both the Wilo brand and Wilo's strategic brand management. For the further strengthening of market orientation and customer proximity, Executive Board member Carsten Krumm will, as the member responsible for Sales (CSO), be accountable for all the sales and service activities of the Wilo Group.

Personnel changes

Quite independently of the forthcoming changes, we wish to announce that Dr. Markus Beukenberg has, with effect from 31st July 2017 and at his own wish, resigned from his office as member of the Executive Board. Dr. Beukenberg will in future be responsible for special tasks of strategic importance and will report to the Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO). Oliver Hermes comments: “I am very pleased that Markus Beukenberg will in future not only be serving as the Technological Ambassador of the Wilo Group but will also be taking over central representative functions in those associations that are important for Wilo.”

In the course of preparations for the reorganization of the Executive Board and the resulting reassignments of responsibilities, Mr. Eric Lachambre has decided, entirely at his own wish, to resign from the Executive Board with effect from 31st July 2017. Prof. Dr. Wieselhuber thanks him for his significant contribution towards the positive business developments of the Wilo Group. Oliver Hermes sums up Lachambres achievements on behalf of the Company: “Mr. Lachambre has been a member of the Executive Board of Wilo SE since 2011 and has decisively contributed towards optimizing our sales and marketing processes, towards defending and expanding our high shares in the mature markets of Europe and towards modernizing and strengthening our brand.” Following the reshuffling of the Executive Board and the reorganization of the areas of competence, Wilo is now confidently setting the course for a successful future.