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Wilo ErP-Ready Pumpen

Wilo is ErP-ready

ErP-ready – Energy-saving and future-proof pumps from Wilo

We pride ourselves in offering our customers innovative products that consume as little energy as possible while delivering optimum performance. Therefore, efficiency means a lot to us. For this reason, instead of simply reacting to new EU stipulations, Wilo actively promotes the development and implementation of guidelines such as the legal regulation for energy-related products, ErP for short.

High-efficiency pumps are the key

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Not just for pumps and the associated systems does efficiency play significant role. An increase in efficiency means that less power is needed to achieve the same performance. Registering a performance increase with the same amount of effort can also be described as an increase in efficiency. The results achieved by Wilo are convincing.

Wilo’s high-efficiency pumps already meet the strictest ErP requirements to come into force in the coming years. In other words, they are ErP-ready and in accordance with the Ecodesign Directive.

Thanks to high energy savings and effective ecological protection it is also good for the environment. Energy costs can be registered due to the energy savings that lead to fast amortisation and are thus good for our users and partners. They can be confident that our products not only save energy and costs, but are also totally future proof and already adhere to the Ecodesign Directive.

Information on the ErP Directive

The directive for “Energy related Products” – ErP for short

The directive agreed by the EU in October 2009 creates a framework for the current ecodesign of electric motors. This directive replaces the EuP (Energy using Products) from July 2005.

The regulation also called the Ecodesign Directive, creates limit values for electric devices, in the same way as products that are sold in the EU, which must be adhered to in a graduated manner.

Aims of the ErP Directive

With the ErP Directive 2009/125/EC, the European Union is pushing ahead with climate protection by imposing a restriction on the power consumption of energy-related products. The regulations have been drawn up so that manufacturers such as Wilo gradually receive specifications in terms of energy consumption. Thanks to its pioneering work, Wilo already has high-efficiency pumps in its portfolio today, which are equipped to meet all of the specifications and targets of the regulations.

Savings potential with high-efficiency pumps from Wilo

Until recently, old, uncontrolled pumps were responsible for 20 % of global electricity consumption. High-efficiency pumps from Wilo, therefore, opens up enormous savings potential compared to pumps that are currently in operation. This applies both to energy consumption (including the resulting power costs) and worldwide CO2 emissions. The greatest savings potential is achieved through demand-based control of the pumps.

Impact of the ErP Directive until 2020

95 % of uncontrolled heating circulators have been banned from the market as of 2013 and thus can no longer be sold. What is more, the ErP Directive will be gradually setting increasingly stricter efficiency limit values for glandless circulators, electric motors of glanded pumps, and water pump hydraulics up until 2020. Our highly efficient ErP-ready pumps already meet these limits and have already done so for a long time. You are as a result on the safe side when it comes to operating high-efficiency pumps with Wilo as manufacturer.

Replacing old pumps

Competent Wilo consultants are pleased to lend you a hand when commissioning high-efficiency pumps and thus help both the environment and you to lower your own energy costs. When doing so, the consultants pay special attention to providing a tailored solution and the calculation of the individual potential savings. Please get in contact with us, as required, and be ready to be surprised just how much is possible with Wilo high-efficiency pumps.