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Wilo Campus - Office

Future Office

Wilo’s Future Office makes tomorrow’s working world a reality today. New structures for integrated work processes, space for creativity and concentration – Wilo has developed the Future Office concept to face up to the requirements of the future.

The Future Office idea

The concept of the Wilo Future Office was formed in a wide-ranging cooperation between almost every Wilo department and the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO). It is intended to react optimally to the changing work environment while further increasing employee satisfaction.

Wilo creates a work environment where employees feel at ease in a digital world.

The Wilo Future Office concept

Wiloop Campus Dortmund office view

The Wilo Future Office provides a space for creativity, meeting people and opportunities for spontaneous exchange, as well as retreat options for concentrated working and quiet areas for short breaks. The modern office concept takes into account communication requirements as well as the shift to flexible and mobile working-hour models. The new, open structures are intended to support the integrated work processes of the future, which will be increasingly characterised by project work, interdisciplinary tasks and interactive exchange. This is related to the flexibility to be able to adapt to changing tasks quickly and without a great deal of effort.

New working environments provide greater transparency. Part of this is that, in the future, there will be unified equipment and a standard workstation that meets the highest ergonomical requirements. New concepts are continuously developed using feedback collected from employees. In this way, an already matured concept is put to use in the new construction at our Dortmund site.

Possibilities in the Future Office

The Future Office is the highest of the four buildings on the central Wiloop plaza. Essential administration areas of the group functions are concentrated here, short distances and visual connections make collaboration across departments easy and pleasant.

Particular aspects which were taken into account in the construction of the Office were the sustainability of the buildings and the use of the land in accordance with the Green Building Standards of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) Gold certificate and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certificate. The transparent shell ensures maximum utilisation of daylight and natural lighting of all workstations. At the same time, it meets all demands for a highly efficient, energy saving and resource saving building.

The Office comprises lively and shared spaces on the ground floor core and more private and secluded working areas in the wings and upper floors. The ground floor is an area for events and communication and houses a canteen and cafés, with the foyer being the central meeting point. Open stairs lead to the first floor with its meeting and conference rooms as well as additional options for formal and informal communication, teamwork, seminars and events.

The office spaces are situated in the two wings on each of the floors above, which are structured as modern working environments and provide room for different working styles. The implementation of the “Wilo Future Office” concept has resulted in the creation of new space for communicative teamwork with hot desks at the centre and concentration areas in the wings.

Key data of the Wilo Future Office:
Floor space: 12,094 sm
Height: 30 metres, seven floors
Certification objective: LEED and DGNB Gold