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WiloPark Dortmund - Top view - 3D Rendering


WILO SE, founded in Dortmund, continues to develop at a furious pace. One sign of growth is the new Wilo Campus. Here, an innovative centre consisting of the Smart Factory, Wilo Future Office, Project House, Customer Interface, Children & Healthcare Centre and Wiloop is becoming established.

Site development in Dortmund

Construction Wilo 1964 - Opländer

After residing at its original site at Hohe Straße and Ardeystraße in Dortmund, Wilo relocated to the property at Nortkirchenstraße in 1962. Numerous buildings across multiple sites were constructed and extended over the years until well into the 2010 years. In 2015, Wilo made the decision to bring production, administration, customer service and product development together again in a new building at the company’s headquarters at Nortkirchenstraße (by the 150th anniversary in 2022). An extensive evaluation process confirmed that Dortmund is still the right location for our worldwide business activities. Dortmund is a growing technology and science hub, and Wilo also benefits from the excellent know-how of the experts based here and the cooperation with research institutes and universities, such as the Technical University of Dortmund. The city is also the ideal gateway, with great connections to motorways, the airport as well as the inland port.

New possibilities require new space

Wilo Campus Dortmund

In order to be future-focused, flexible and adaptable and to provide the space needed for a broad product portfolio and production technologies of the future, a total surface area of 20 hectares will be needed for the new factory.

This is why Wilo decided not only to extend its traditional location, but to reinvent it from scratch.

The new Smart Factory will allow WILO SE to take a large step towards the digital future and enable a more efficient production, optimised material flow and intelligent logistics. The necessary space is either purchased or created by demolishing existing buildings – without stopping live operations.

Nortkirchenstraße, the access road to Hörde, will have to be relocated for the second time in its history: it will then be at the northern side of the Wilo property. Despite re-configuring access to the factory, Wilo will of course keep the traditional address at Nortkirchenstraße 100.

The new planning and construction law, developed in partnership with the city of Dortmund, provides Wilo with legal and future certainty. It opens up possibilities for Wilo’s future expansion on the site and in the neighbourhood, develops new land and sets out the relationship to all neighbouring properties.

The WiloPark structure in detail

The relocation of Nortkirchenstraße creates the space needed for the best possible new development. The Campus Avenue provides access to the property from the west to the east and opens onto the Wiloop plaza, where the four most important buildings for Wilo are located: the Smart Factory housing production, the Office for administration, the Project House accommodating product development, the Customer Interface for customer contact and the Children & Healthcare Centre for the employees.

The northern half of the area houses the expansive production and logistics areas. Smaller buildings for Project House, Office and Customer Interface will be located to the south, embedded in a green belt in the transition area and linked to the green spaces and parks of Dortmund. The northern and southern property sections meet in this central plaza, where the buildings on both sides face each other as equals and form the central place for communication and stopping over. Both sides offer sufficient space for future developments and ensure that Wilo remains future-proof and capable of innovation.

The sustainable WiloPark infrastructure

WiloPark Dortmund with Office, Factory, LED-Wall and Wiloop

The traffic flows will also be reconfigured. Through traffic to Hörde will be rerouted around the northern side of the property, logistics will have a dedicated access road, employees will park their cars in a central location outside the Campus. Visitors and public transport will have direct access to the heart of the new campus, the Wiloop plaza.

The rainwater of the outdoor facilities and of the more than 70,000 m2 of roof surfaces is collected and stored in rainwater storage channels. This water can then be used for irrigation and cooling or flow into a creek (Pferdebach) to the south of the buildings via a system of culverts, pumps and reservoirs. This is where Wilo can implement its strategy of comprehensive water management as a contribution to a sustainable and efficient future.