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Integrity, respect and fairness – these are the ethical principles that guide our actions as a company worldwide and help shape the business policies of the Wilo Group. Our understanding of them is based on a common system of principles and values that apply across the various cultures within our global company: the Wilo Code of Conduct. We use this central tool to further encourage the loyalty of our staff. It also serves as a basis for all of our business activities.


Our commitment to fairness and transparency

In our company, we attach great importance to open communication and transparent and correct business processes. For this reason, we appreciate all reports of violations against laws, rules and policies, including our Code of Conduct. Not only can information be submitted internally, but also anonymously: via the Internet-based Wilo Business Keeper Monitoring System – in short, Wilo BKMS®.

Corruption and economic crime harm businesses and the general public

The Wilo BKMS online tool is an external, specially secured communication platform that allows you to submit an utterly confidential report to WILO SE. WILO SE is committed to an exemplary business policy. Improper and unfair business practices are in conflict with our fundamental corporate values and jeopardise our reputation. We attach great importance to open communication and advocate communications that help us prevent damage to our business. As a result, we are open to any evidence of behaviour that violates any law or that does not conform to our beliefs set forth in our Code of Conduct.

For years, WILO SE has relied upon proven internal reporting and contact channels, for example via the company management, the supervisor, the works council or the auditing department. In addition to these established channels, we also offer an Internet-based electronic whistleblowing system as part of our compliance activities, which can be used to advise us of violations of the law or our Code of Conduct. The use of the Wilo BKMS® system is governed by German law. Exclusive jurisdiction is Dortmund, Germany.

For more information, please contact our Compliance Office:

Compliance Office

Wilo Compliance Office
Nortkirchenstraße 100
44263 Dortmund (Germany)