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Sustainability Management

Green Solutions for a better climate

Climate protection defines our company. It is part of our business model. Our work with the precious resources of water and energy, as well as our approach to protect the environment, requires a sustainable mindset and actions. These are firmly established in Wilo’s corporate culture.

As a leading international technology company that moves water in the building services, water management and industry segments, the Wilo Group creates sustainable value added through energy-efficient products, systems and solutions under the motto ‘’Green Solutions for a better climate’’.

Based on out Ambition 2025, we have developed a holistic sustainability strategy that takes all stakeholder groups into account and that is being implemented throughout the world of Wilo.

Wilo sees sustainability management as a cross-divisional function. Chaired by the Chief Technology Officer, the sustainability council is responsible for developing the content of the sustainability strategy and ensuring its implementation within the organization. It has an interdisciplinary membership covering all of Wilo’s departments.