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Wilo-Wilo-Sefa SA

Description de la série de fabrication

Vos avantages

  • Can be customized exactly to your requirements. For reliable and efficient pumping of pre-cleaned sewage and untreated sewage.
  • Versatile. Constant, optimal pumping of different media via various types of impeller.
  • High process reliability thanks to motor monitoring included as standard


Submersible sewage pump without cooling system for continuous duty in stationary wet well installation.


Pumping of

  • Untreated sewage with faeces and long-fibre components (depending from impeller type)
  • Sewage containing faeces
  • Pre-cleaned sewage without faeces and long-fibre components
  • Process water
  • Wastewater


  • Heavy-duty version made of grey cast iron
  • Surface cooling motor without ex approval
  • Motor monitoring devices:
    • Winding temperature
    • Moisture monitoring in the sealing chamber and motor/terminal chamber
    • Motor bearing temperature

Contenu de la livraison

  • Submersible sewage pump with 12 m connection cable
  • Installation and operating instructions



Wilo-Sefa SA25.93M-380A/SI36-6


Series name


x10 = Nominal diameter of pressure connection (e.g. DN 250)


Performance indicator


Impeller type:

V = Vortex impeller

C = Single-channel impeller

M = Multi-channel impeller

T = SOLID impeller, closed

G = SOLID impeller, half-open


No of curve caracteristic


Standard material version


Submersible motor for immersed operation


Nominal diameter of the electrical packaging in cm


No. of poles

Caractéristiques techniques

  • Mains connection: 3~380 V, 50 Hz
  • Submerged operating mode: S1
  • Non-immersed operating mode: -
  • Protection class: IP68
  • Insulation class: F
  • Fluid temperature: 3 ... 40 °C
  • Free ball passage: 80 ... 150 mm
  • Max. immersion depth: 20 m


  • Pump housing: grey cast iron
  • Impeller: grey cast iron
  • Static gaskets: Nitrile
  • Fluid-side seal: Mechanical seal made of SiC/SiC
  • Motor-side seal: Mechanical seal made of SiC/SiC
  • Motor housing: grey cast iron
  • Shaft: Steel


Submersible sewage pump as submersible monobloc unit for stationary wet well installation.


Centrifugal hydraulics with various impellers and connection on the pressure side as a horizontal flange connection. The maximum possible dry matter content is 8 %, depending on the hydraulics and impeller type. The following impeller shapes are used:

  • Vortex impeller (V)
  • Channel impeller (C)
  • Multi-channel impeller (M)
  • SOLID impeller, closed (T)
  • SOLID impeller, semi-open (G)


Surfaced-cooled motors are used. The motor is cooled by the surrounding fluid. The motor heat is transferred directly to the fluid via the motor housing. The motor must operate in immersed conditions. An operation of the motor in non-immersed operating mode is not possible!

The connection cable has bare (free) cable ends. The standard length is 12 m or can be customer specific.

Monitoring devices

  • Motor/terminal compartment monitoring – The motor has internal moisture probes to detect water in the motor and terminal compartment.
  • Thermal motor monitoring – The thermal motor monitoring protects the motor winding from overheating. PTC sensors are used as standard.
  • Sealing chamber monitoring – The motor has an internal moisture probe to detect water in the sealing chamber.
  • Thermal motor bearing monitoring – The thermal motor bearing monitoring protects the motor bearings from overheating. Pt100 sensors are used as standard.


The sealing of the motor compartment against the fluid is realized by two independent mechanical shaft seals. The sealing chamber between the mechanical shaft seals is filled with medical white oil.

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Wilo-Sefa SA

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