Protecting Your Water Supply Against Legionella

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Reliable and free of legionella water supply in complex buildings such as hospitals or care institutions are a special challenge.

Fluctuations in water collection make the water pressure drop, a common complaint. Modern booster systems from Wilo guarantee a fully automatic water supply and a stable water pressure level at all times, in short providing a comfortable water supply.

The risk of legionella growth can start via the water meter, through the water pressure chamber and into the mains water network in a building, especially at temperatures above 25 ° C. This is a risk that should not be underestimated, particularly in the healthcare sector. Often pressure booster systems are provided with a bypass. There are several reasons for choosing this methiod, but it has little added value. The risk of legionella growth is thus greatly increased.
The pressure vessel in pressure booster systems is also a critical component for bacterial contamination. Water is kept in stock and the temperature can rise above 25 ° C in many situations. In essence, legionella growth is controlled by an optimal temperature and by sufficient water change. This is the reason that a pressure vessel on a Wilo pressure booster system is always running through. With this, the change is guaranteed and a flow detector is superfluous. Due to the simplicity and the lack of moving or electronic components, this system has a high degree of reliability.

Wilo helps with advice, knowledge and service without obligation. If you have questions about possible legionella dangers in your installation, Wilo offers expert guidance in risk assessment and prevention. After a situation survey and legionella check provided by one of our professionals we can make a customized installation proposal specifically for you.

The installation is permanently connected according to the NEN1006, while 'dead pipes' are avoided. We guide your project up to and including the start-up. For example, our service technicians offer aftercare in the form of a maintenance contract. This way we ensure that your installation remains free of legionella.