Wilo Wins Technical Innovation of the Year – Products category at the Pump Industry Awards 2018

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Leading pump manufacturer and systems solutions provider Wilo, saw success in both categories they entered at this year’s Pump Industry Awards.

The Burton-upon-Trent based company was happy to be shortlisted in the Manufacturer of the Year Award but delighted to be announced winner of the Technical Innovation of the Year – Products category. Wilo won the award for its Ceram-Teflon coatings. In the UK, we rely very heavily on water acquired via boreholes to ensure we have enough water to drink. Getting water out of the ground is far from simple. Subterranean water sources carry a wide range of minerals. Ferrous ground water can present a particular challenge to pump operation. This is in the form of ‘ochre’ deposits or iron clogging. Wilo metallurgists together with Teflon (Dupont), successfully engineered a unique composite coating displaying the properties of both the established CERAM-CT coating – WRAS and KTW approved - and TEFLON – with its excellent non-stick characteristics used in domestic and industrial uses. The industry has been searching for ever better coatings for pumps operating in these difficult conditions, where the coating will extend the life of the pump, and ensure the pump performs at its design level of performance for longer, because of the coating applied, whilst being able to provide this coating at a cost that is comparable with existing solutions. In tests to date, Ceram-TEFLON is doing just that.

Andrew Martin from Arfon Pumps says: “Arfon Pumps has had a solid working relationship with Wilo for over fifteen years. As a Utility partner for Wilo, we provide pump services to the utility sector and industry. The water utility sector is very demanding industry and with that we are careful of who we work with. Wilo is our foremost service partner and choice to work with us in this industry sector. Wilo’s technical innovations in their range of pumps are ahead of many of their competitors. As an example, their Teflon coated impellers on their Borehole pumps provide longer, extended life cycle and increased efficiencies. Our experience historically in dealing with the Wilo team has been first class and we find their team professional, knowledgeable and most importantly enthusiastic to assist. We’re delighted theoir entry won the day.”

Wilo has a good track record of winning and being a finalist in these awards with a number of successes over the past ten years: “We were pleased to be selected as a finalist in these categories and value winning these awards as they are voted for by the whole industry – not by a few select judges,” says Wilo Managing Director Richard Harden. “It was a great night for us and we’re encouraged to try and win again next year!”

Georg Weber – Chief Technical Officer based in Dortmund said: “The fact that our British colleagues have received the prestigious 2018 Pump Industry Award for the 'Technical Innovation of the Year - Products' is both an award and an incentive for us. It shows us that Wilo's enthusiasm for innovation is globally established. In addition, being awarded particularly for our Ceram Teflon coating encourages us to always consider the entire system and not just individual components when developing our products.” Voting took place for the 2018 Awards online. The winners were announced at the Awards Dinner held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire in March. The awards ceremony was the highlight of the evening, hosted by Andrea Byrne, an English journalist and presenter, currently working for ITV.