Wilo launches ‘The Pump Exchange’

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Leading manufacturer of water pumps and pump systems, Wilo UK, has announced the launch of ‘The Pump Exchange’, a dedicated website for commercial and residential pump replacement guidance.

Wilo UK, part of the Wilo Group, is a leading premium provider of pumps and pump systems for building services, water management and industry, using smart solutions that bring together people, products and services.

On 1st December 2020, Wilo UK will launch ‘The Pump Exchange’, a specialist website designed to provide customers with quick and simple pump replacement guidance for a range of applications, including circulation, multistage, borehole, drainage and sewage.

There are many reasons why a pump may need to be replaced, including: damage to the existing pump, outdated economic and energy efficiency, changing flow requirements or incompatibility problems with new equipment.

With nearly 8000 pumps in the system, The Pump Exchange provides the most suitable Wilo pump replacement for both existing older Wilo pumps, as well as alternatives to other brands. David Williamson, Director of Wilo UK, comments: “The Pump Exchange provides customers with a dedicated site that makes replacing broken or outdated pumps really easy and allows them to take the first step in installing more efficient solutions.

“Wilo products embrace the latest in innovative technology with sophisticated control systems to enhance energy optimisation. With more than 80% of UK real estate using legacy equipment and technology, we recognise that a layered approach to replacing equipment is required.

“Around 90% of today’s installed pumps are outdated and inefficient. Wilo’s products, on the other hand, are modern and highly efficient. Globally, the replacement of obsolete technology with the latest generation of Wilo pumps could save up to 246 Terawatt hours – the equivalent of 80 carbon power stations.”