Wilo sports sponsorship

Our support for the sport

Motivation, ambition, team play and efficiency are important factors behind the success of our company. For this reason, we feel a particularly close connection to the world of competitive sports. In addition to our worldwide engagement in social programmes, we also promote and support selected sporting events and local teams.

Borussia Dortmund

As a Champion Partner with deep roots in the region, we – like all fans of the black and yellow – are hugely impressed by the amazing achievements of our local football team, Borussia Dortmund. With 140 years of experience in German engineering, we know that a passion for technology, quality and performance is what keeps you ahead of the competition – both on and off the pitch. That’s why we’re especially proud to support our local team by providing pumps for heating the pitch and preparing the field for high-energy matches.

Wilo pumps in Signal Iduna Park

As a sponsor, it is not only a passion for great football that we and Borussia Dortmund have in common. We are also actively represented by our products on a local level. We are particularly proud to be able to support you with our technical expertise and our efficient products and to ensure perfect pitch conditions in Signal Iduna Park.

Powerful pumps for pitch heating guarantee an exemplary playing field even during minus temperatures. Furthermore, our pressure-boosting systems and drinking water pumps in the sanitary and food and beverage facilities enable you as a spectator to make good use of your break and not miss any of the match.

24 Wilo pumps and products in Signal Iduna Park help processes run smoothly. And that’s not all. Their efficient technology allows Borussia Dortmund to save a great deal of water and electricity, thus saving costs.

Burton Albion Sponsorship

In an effort to further mirror our Group activities on a local level and to strengthen our ties with the local community, Wilo UK have joined forces with Burton Albion FC. Our relationship involves sponsorship of the tunnel area and gives us great opportunities to share in the successes of the club.

The Brewers have worked tirelessly for many years and have been rewarded with numerous league promotion over the last few, culminating in their promotion to the Championship. With such rapid progress comes the inevitable difficulty of maintaining their performance in a league where many would see them as outclassed, and their survival last season is no mean feat.

The club are holding their own while retaining the charm and family friendly atmosphere of a lower league side which makes for a great underdog story for all involved. Not satisfied by bringing Championship level football to the devoted fans, Burton Albion Community Trust also carry out excellent work within the area which serves to further our sense of pride.



German Men’s Eight team

Wilo has been the main sponsor of the German Men’s Eight since 2010 and it accompanied the team successfully to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, where the legendary eight won gold. The Wilo-Foundation also jumped on board in 2013 as a promoter of the sport. At the start of the 2015 season, Wilo expanded its sponsoring commitments to include the whole team. Now, the other two boats in the rowing team, the pair and four, are also part of the Wilo fleet. The partnership between Wilo and the German Men’s Eight team goes far beyond the sport itself. As part of its extensive engagement, Wilo also supports the athletes at the Dortmund performance centre in their professional education.