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Wilo-Stratos GIGA

Maximum performance at the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Your advantages
Wilo-Stratos GIGA

Maximum performance at the highest levels of energy efficiency.

The Wilo-Stratos GIGA is the ideal high-efficiency pump for use in heating, air conditioning and cooling applications in buildings where large volumes of water have to be pumped to great delivery heights.

Your advantages

  • Innovative high-efficiency pump for maximum overall efficiency levels
  • High-efficiency EC motor with efficiency class IE5 in accordance with IEC 60034-30-2
  • Optional interfaces for connection to building automation using insertable IF modules

Consultant Marc

"I now always design with the Stratos GIGA when I need a universal solution for HVAC applications"

Product family:

As an example, here you see a selection of different pump sizes and pump types.

Wilo-Stratos GIGA 11-22 kW

Wilo-Stratos GIGA-D <11 kW

Wilo-Stratos GIGA <11 kW

Wilo-Stratos GIGA B 11-22 kW

Wilo-Stratos GIGA D 11-22 kW

Wilo-Stratos GIGA B <11 kW

Convenient connectivity and control for maximum operational reliability.

Wilo-Smart Connect is the general Wilo communications platform for access to existing and future Wilo pumps and pump systems with local and remote access to the Smart connect function in the Wilo-Assistant app. For existing pumps, a Wilo-Smart IF module is also required for access.

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The upgrade module for digital pump access

The Wilo-Smart IF module offers the option of making earlier-generation Wilo pumps accessible for Wilo-Smart connect, allowing the user to control them via remote access on the Wilo-Gateway or locally via Bluetooth interface.

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Data transmission for remote access in real time.

The Wilo-Smart Gateway is the link to the Wilo-Smart Cloud for remote monitoring and control of pumps via mobile devices. For Wilo-Smart Connect remote access, the Wilo-Smart Gateway transmits operating data and control signals between the Wilo pumps in the Wilo-Smart Cloud online in real time.

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The entire world of pumps in one app

The “Wilo Assistant” makes the entire world of high-efficiency pump technology available on smartphones and tablets for sanitation, heating and air-conditioning specialists and specialist consultants of technical building equipment.

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Carefree package for your everyday working life

With Wilo as your partner, you cannot only be sure of choosing high-quality product solutions, but also of benefiting from a comprehensive, carefree package of well-thought-out services.

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Series description
Wilo-Stratos GIGA


High-efficiency in-line pump with EC motor and electronic power adjustment in glanded pump design. Version as single-stage low-pressure centrifugal pump with flange connection and mechanical seal.


The pumping of heating water (in accordance with VDI 2035), cold water and water-glycol mixtures without abrasive substances in heating, cold water and cooling systems.


Operating modes

  • Δp-c for constant differential pressure
  • Δp-v for variable differential pressure
  • PID-Control
  • Constant speed (n=constant)

Manual operation level

  • Green button and display

Manual functions

  • Differential pressure setpoint setting
  • Setting the speed (manual control mode)
  • Setting the operating mode
  • Setting the pump ON/OFF
  • Configuration of all operating parameters
  • Fault acknowledgement

External control functions

  • "Overriding Off" control input
  • “External pump cycling” control input (only effective in twin-head pump operation)
  • Analogue input 0 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA for constant speed (DDC) and remote setpoint adjustment
  • Analogue input 2 – 10 V, 4 – 20 mA for constant speed (DDC) and remote setpoint adjustment
  • Analogue input 0 – 10 V for actual value signal from pressure sensor
  • Analogue input 2 – 10 V, 0 – 20 mA, 4 – 20 mA for actual value signal from pressure sensor

Signal and display functions

  • Collective fault signal SSM
  • Collective run signal SBM

Data exchange

  • Infrared interface for wireless data exchange with IR-Monitor/IR-Stick
  • Plug-in position for Wilo IF-Modules (Modbus, BACnet, CAN, PLR, LON) for connection to building automation

Safety functions

  • Full motor protection with integrated trip electronics
  • Access disable

Dual pump management(2 x single pumps)

  • Main/standby operation (automatic fault-actuated switchover)
  • Pump cycling main/standby operation after 24 hours
  • Parallel operation
  • Parallel operation (efficiency-optimised peak-load activation and deactivation)



Wilo-Stratos GIGA 40/1-51/4,5


High-efficiency pump


Inline single pump


Nominal flange diameter DN


Nominal delivery head range in [m]


Orientation value of the rated power P2 in kW


Version without differential pressure sensor

Technical data

  • Permitted temperature range of the fluid: -20 °C to +140 °C
  • Mains connection 3~480 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz, 3~440 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz, 3~400 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz, 3~380 V -5 % +10 %, 50/60 Hz
  • Protection class IP55
  • Nominal diameter DN 40 to DN 200
  • Max. operating pressure 16 bar up to +120 °C, 13 bar up to +140 °C


  • Pump housing and lantern: EN-GJL-250
  • Impeller: PPS-GF40 or EN-GJL-200 depending on the type
  • Shaft: 1.4122 or 1.4542 depending on the type
  • Mechanical seal: AQEGG; other mechanical seals on request

Delivery state

  • Pump
  • Installation and operating instructions

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Kit 2 166 098

Article Number 2166098
Edition 2016-03
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 2
PDF (430 KB)

Wilo-Stratos GIGA Wilo-Stratos GIGA-D Wilo Stratos GIGA B

Article Number 2160202
Edition 2020-08
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 264
PDF (27 MB)

Wilo-Stratos GIGA B (11-22Kw)

Article Number 2192490
Edition 2020-04
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 264
PDF (27 MB)

General overview (Documents)

General overview 2019 International version

Article Number 2200591
Edition 2018
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 74
PDF (40 MB)

General overview 2021 International version

Article Number
Edition 2020
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 74
PDF (10 MB)

Certificate REACH (Documents)

REACH regulation

Edition 2020-08
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 2
PDF (158 KB)
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