Wilo’s New Heating System Cleaning Product Does The Biz For Poplar Harca

Wilo has provided a solution for a London-based social housing provider, that was experiencing issues because of poor heating system circulating water quality.

Poplar Housing and Regeneration Community Association (HARCA) owns and manages around 10,000 homes in East London. It recognises the importance of clean water in heating systems to ensure that they operate without problems for their tenants and leaseholders. It’s vital that particularly with high rise developments, there is virtually no debris circulating in the heating systems and any debris there is, is removed as quickly as possible to avoid damage to the system components. In addition, removal of air and micro-bubbles from the system will also ensure the system operates smoothly.

It required a system to operate in one of its buildings – Carradale House in Poplar. The property has four Potterton NXR 3 280kW boilers. Wilo offered to run its new particle separator system on a protracted trial to illustrate the benefits of the system and to address the issues the property had. The main issues were mechanical seal failures on pumps and poorly made up joints during the installation of the system. Leaks were causing the system to introduce new clean water to the system, diluting the inhibitor, reducing its effectiveness and seeing debris accumulating in the system.

Wilo’s new Wilo-SiClean Comfort is a particle separator system that provides automated circulating water cleaning. The circulating water is set into centrifugal motion so the particles of debris, both magnetic and non-magnetic, can rotate downwards and collect in the desludging tank. The cyclone created in the separator combined with the vortex effect, leads to venting of the fluid and supports the degassing process. Magnetic particles are removed by magnetophoresis.

The system was installed in the basement plant room of the property and the discharge from the system runs to drain. The Wilo Si-Clean Comfort is a ‘Plug and play’ system, simple to install and maintain and is designed to provide particle separation for larger heating systems.

Over the period of the trial, the results showed huge improvement to the system circulating water – a large reduction in conductivity – 12% - and a reduction of the iron in the water samples taken – by a massive 75%. There was also ample evidence of the removal of the black magnetite sludge from the system.

Dave Barnett from Poplar HARCA says: “We ran system health check reports on the system before we installed the Wilo equipment, during the trial and at the end of the trial and the results were very good. The Si-Clean Comfort was removing the debris from the system and improving the quality of the circulating water significantly for the building.”

Wilo’s Service Sales Manager Adrian Ball says: “We addressed the issues on this heating system and proved that our equipment was up to the task of sorting them out.”

Full details of the new equipment can be found on www.wilo.co.uk.

Wilo-SiClean Comfort.

Wilo-SiClean Comfort removes particles from heating systems using natural physical phenomena. For installation in commercial properties (office buildings, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, schools,...) and heating and air conditioning systems for district heating.

Features & Benefits:

  • High efficiency via combination of physical effects: centrifugal forces, magnetophoresis and vortex effect
  • Easy to handle thanks to fully automated operation
  • Rapid and easy installation via "plug & play" design
  • Very convenient thanks to fully automated and adjustable disposal of collected particles in the desludging tank
  • Highly functional thanks to removal of all magnetic and non-magneticparticles, free air and micro-bubbles in the fluid, as well as support for the degasification process.