How do I install my centrifugal pump?

We recommend that you always have centrifugal pumps connected by a recognised installer. The installer can then properly connect the centrifugal pump to the pump with their knowledge and experience and with the help of the Installation and operating instructions supplied with the system.

The Installation and operating instructions are also available in our Online catalogue on this website, our product selection software or our Wilo-Assistant app.

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Where can I find the manual of the centrifugal pump?

Of course, we can also support you in installing the centrifugal pump.

Telephone support when connecting a centrifugal pump

Telephone support in setting up a centrifugal pump

On-site help when connecting a centrifugal pump

For the connection of centrifugal pumps by Wilo, please contact the Service department. They are happy to relieve you of your worries when connecting the centrifugal pump.

Head Office

Service Department

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