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Wilo-Separator GEO-NS2-1

Stable continuous operation, easy cleaning.

The Wilo-Separator GEO grease trap with integrated sludge collector offers maximum stability and reliability for continuous operation in the ground with its high-quality, dimensionally stable construction and infinitely variable height adjustment. The low weight and compact design of the monolithic tank allow for easy transport and installation. The interior slope of the base of the tank facilitates easy cleaning in case of maintenance. The optionally available drainage pipe enables odour-free cleaning and fluid evacuation.

Your advantages

  • Easy installation thanks to lightweight design and compact monolithic construction​
  • Optionally available with integrated drainage pipe for odour-free drainage​
  • Sealable chamber cover in load class B 125 protects against odours and surface water ​
  • Tank made from high-quality, dimensionally stable and acid-resistant plastic for maximum stability in continuous operation​
  • Sloping inner tank bottom for easy cleaning and drainage ​
  • Chamber dome with flexible height adjustment to ground surface


Commercial kitchens - such as in hotels, restaurants, canteens or cafeterias - are faced with the challenge of not being allowed to discharge greasy sewage into the public sewer network without a grease separator. The solution: our Wilo-Separator grease separator systems.

Product family Wilo-Separator

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