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Wilo-Separator MONO-NS2-3

Convenient operation, hygienic maintenance at the touch of a button.

The Wilo-Separator MONO grease trap is optionally available in manually operated or fully automatic versions. With its high-quality, dimensionally stable construction, it offers maximum stability for continuous operation in frost-free spaces. The light and compact tank facilitates transport and installation even in confined spaces. It comes equipped with a fill level window that facilitates monitoring of the grease layer level at any time. A mixing procedure for residue-free cleaning, as well as hygienic, odour-free drainage through a separate pipe, can be activated at the push of a button when maintenance is required.

Your advantages

  • Simple and compact construction for convenient installation ​
  • Easy to operate and refill with fresh water ​
  • Optionally available with fully automatic drainage using pump, refilling with fresh water and optional remote control for convenient use​
  • Odour-proof sealing of the maintenance opening using a quick-action clamp and seal and odourless drainage using the drainage pipe.​
  • Tank made from high-quality, dimensionally stable and acid-resistant plastic for maximum stability in continuous operation​
  • Reliable drainage thanks to fail-safe mixing of grease layer for drainage process​
  • Quiet operation thanks to solid, flow-optimised design​
  • Fill level window for visually inspecting the grease layer for maximum operational reliability​


Commercial kitchens - such as in hotels, restaurants, canteens or cafeterias - are faced with the challenge of not being allowed to discharge greasy sewage into the public sewer network without a grease separator. The solution: our Wilo-Separator grease separator systems.

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