SCe-HVAC system

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  • Easy operation: Display, symbols and menu navigation analogous to the Wilo glanded pumps of the latest design
  • Easy-to-use system: System access to the service menu protected via code, error history code with up to 16 individual messages
  • Reliable system: Permanent display of pump and system status, as well as the current actual value, SBM and SSM as standard, other error messages/ alarm signals can optionally be output via relay or via other communication tools (e.g., bus systems)
  • Advanced setting parameters: 2 adjustable setpoints, remote setpoint adjustment possible
  • Communication capability: connectable bus systems: BACnet, modbus RTU(RS 232) (LON connectible via optional module)


Digitally controlled, variable Smart control systems for driving glandless and glanded pumps of all makes and single and multi-pump systems

SCe version:

Control of electronic pumps or pumps with built-in orexternal frequency converters


For stageless power adjustment to the variable operating states of single, double or multi-pump systems (up to 4 pumps). Controlling depends on the differential pressure Δp, feed/return temperature (±T) or differential temperature (ΔT), including the free adjustment of the duty point by means of advance correction of the full-load pump output.


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SCe-HVAC system

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Wilo-Control SC-HVAC (SC, SC-FC, SCe)

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Έκδοση 2014 02
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