How do I set up my centrifugal pump?

Each centrifugal pump has its own setting modes. Settings depend on the application of the pump and the installation itself. Consult the Installation and operating instructions of the relevant centrifugal pump.

The Installation and operating instructions are also available in our Online catalogue on this website, our product selection software or our Wilo-Assistant app.

Go to the question below to learn more about this:

Where can I find the manual of the centrifugal pump?

Telephone support in setting up a centrifugal pump

If the installation and operating instructions do not help sufficiently with the setting of Wilo centrifugal pumps, or if you cannot find an answer, please feel free to contact us during office hours.

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On-site help when setting the centrifugal pump

Please contact the Service department for setting centrifugal pumps by Wilo. They can fully adjust the pump for you.