Highly economical and effective

At Wilo, we know that every sector of industry has its own high standards for production technology and the materials used in its components. That’s why we develop custom-tailored industrial solutions and products for our partners and customers to guarantee reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Wide variety of applications

Wilo products are used around the globe in many applications.

Food industry

When it comes to food, the requirements can’t be strict enough. After all, it directly concerns our health. Therefore, this sector has extremely high standards for the technology and materials of all components involved. In every process stage, production parameters, such as temperature and impermeability, must be meticulously complied with to guarantee critical quality and hygiene standards. Thus, pumps must constantly prove their functionality and reliability.

Metal industry

Steel is an essential component of technical progress today. Here, steel production is among the industrial branches with the highest energy and water requirements, so therefore offers an enormous savings potential at the same time. Reliable water supply and disposal in the production process is of vital importance. The high contamination of the cooling water with aggressive and abrasive media puts the strictest requirements on the pump systems used. Here, pumps from Wilo work highly efficiently around the clock and achieve maximum service lives.


Metals such as silver and copper are extremely conductive and are used in all areas of the electronic industry today. Extraction is complicated: Often, the reserves lie several hundred metres underground. When mining ore at this depth, water – in this case, flowing ground water and wastewater – poses a major challenge. Wilo ring section pumps are ideally suited for industrial use with high pressures, such as water removal in mining.

Energy sector

Energy is the basic unit of life. Humans, animals, plants – they all need energy, and consume it as well. This is why the worldwide energy demand is constantly and rapidly increasing. Therefore, it is one of the most important jobs of technological progress to use and produce energy more efficiently.

A valuable contribution is provided by vertical turbine pumps from Wilo, which are used, for example, to pump cooling water. By using state-of-the-art materials and technologies, an extraordinary hydraulic efficiency of around 90 percent is reached with the pumps, which reduces energy costs considerably.