Wilo-Atmos PICO 2.0

Series description

Your advantages

Convenient operation thanks to Green Button Technology with its familiar user interface and with essential settings and functions

Energy-efficient EC motor technology with six characteristic curves

Compact design for quick and easy installation and replacement

Reliable operation thanks to proven technology

When the essential job is done.

Thanks to Green Button Technology, simple user interface and standard design, the Wilo-Atmos PICO high-efficiency pump is the ideal entry-level product for single and two-family houses. Equipped with the most essential settings and functions, it can be put into operation for heating, air conditioning and cooling applications extremely quickly and easily.


Glandless circulator with screwed connection, blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic power control.


All hot-water heating systems, air-conditioning applications, industrial circulation systems.


Operating modes

  • Variable differential pressure (3 pre-defined characteristic curves)
  • Constant speed (3 speed stages)

Manual functions

  • Setting the operating mode
  • Setting of pump output (characteristic curve)
  • Setting the constant speed

Automatic functions

  • Automatic restart

Signal and display functions

  • Display of selected control mode
  • Display of selected characteristic curve in the control mode
  • Signal display
    • LED is lit up in green in normal operation
    • LED lights up/flashes in the case of a fault


  • Wrench attachment point on pump body
  • Wilo-Connector
  • Blocking-current proof motor
  • Particle filter

Scope of delivery

  • Pump
  • Wilo-Connector
  • Seals
  • Installation and operating instructions

Type key


Wilo-Atmos PICO 25/1-6-130

Atmos PICO

High-efficiency pump (screw-end pump), electronically controlled


Nominal connection diameter


Nominal delivery head range [m]


Port-to-port length

Technical data

  • Fluid temperature -10 °C to +95 °C
  • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class IPX2D
  • Screwed connection Rp ½, Rp 1 and Rp 1¼
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar


  • Pump housing: Grey cast iron (EN-GJL-200)
  • Impeller: Plastic (PP - 40% GF)
  • Pump shaft: Stainless steel
  • Bearing: carbon, metal impregnated

Duty chart

Wilo-Atmos PICO


PDF: Wilo-Atmos PICO 2.0


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