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Voda Air & Dirt Separator DN100

Technical data
Tender text

For use in sealed heating and cooling systems.

Air and dirt separators protect the boilers, pumps and fittings from damage caused by the deposit of dirt particles, increase comfort and improve the yield. Air and dirt separators also offer benefits in the event of application in old systems or when an open system is converted to a closed system.

  • Increases comfort and yield.
  • Prevents deposit of dirt particles in the boiler.
  • The removal of air and dirt from the system water extends the service life of pumps, control equipment and other system accessories.
  • With flanged connection according to EN 1092-1 PN16.
Technical data
Separator type
Break tank volume V
33 l
Dismountable filter
Ball valve
with couplers
Min. operating pressure
0.2 bar
Max. operating pressure PN
10 bar
Min. fluid temperature T
-10 °C
Max. fluid temperature T
120 °C
Max. flow velocity
1.5 m/s
Maximum allowed limit of glycol in %
50 %
Connection inlet
DN 100
Connection outlet
DN 100
Item no.
EAN number
Net weight, approx.
28.5 kg

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Air Dirt

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Edition 2018-XX
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REACH regulation

Edition 2020-08
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