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Your advantages
Helix V 609; 2204

Your advantages

  • Vds certification as sprinkler pump (above ground) in stationary water extinguishing systems
  • Efficiency-optimised, laser-welded 2D/3D hydraulics
  • Corrosion-resistant impellers, guide vanes and stage housings
  • Flow and degassing-optimised hydraulic parts
  • Reinforced pump housing, flow and NPSH optimised
  • Space-saving and easy maintenance due to the compact design
  • Particularly sturdy coupling guard
Series description


Highly efficient high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump in vertical design with in-line connections, VdS certified for use as sprinkler pump in stationary water extinguishing systems.


Use of different pump housing connections is possible which is available on Helix standard pump ranges. The material of pump housing shall have the elongation at break at least 15%.

Wilo-Helix FIRST pumps are VdS certified up to 110 m delivery head. These pump versions are not allowed to exceed the defined delivery head and the allowable pressure 12 bar. Wilo-Helix FIRST pump housing is made of cast iron GJL250. VdS requires JL1040 or at least equivalent material as sufficient.

Wilo-Helix VF and Wilo-Helix FIRST VF fulfil the VdS requirement of non – rusting metal with a melting point > 800 °C for pump shafts, shaft protection sleeves, impellers, impeller mounting components and wear rings.

The connection of pumps and motors shall be made separately by a coupling. The power provided by the motor must be sufficient for the H(Q) curve. Overload values or values for short time operation are not allowed on VdS certified Helix series. The torque of the drive motors shall be greater as the counter torque exerted by the pump all the way from standstill to rated speed. The motor power and overload is found at power peak 5% and at 16m NPSH.

Qzul means Q zulässig. This is a German description for permissible delivery flow. The duty point must not be at the right of this limit. When delivering at 1.2 times the permissible delivery flow, an NPSHR of 5.5 m shall not be exceeded.

The formula used for Qzul:

Q4.5mNPSH times 1.2 must not exceed Q5.5m NPSH, in this case Qzul = Q4.5m NPSH.

If the result exceed the value of Q5.5m NPSH then Qzul is Q5.5m NPSH/1.2.

Wilo SE must conduct a pressure test with each pump casing in finished condition or in assembled condition. Each Helix VF and Helix FIRST VF is to test in assembled condition:

  • Test medium: water
  • Test pressure: 1.5 times allowable pressure
  • No signs for breaks/ cracks or inadmissible plastic deformation is visible during and after the test



Helix VF2202/2-1/16/E/KS/400-50

Helix FIRST VF3606/2-5/25/E/KS/400-50

Helix VF


Vertical high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump in in-line design

F = VdS certified pump version


Flow rate in m3/h


Number of impellers


Number of trimmed impellers (optionally)


Pump material

1 = Pump housing 1.4301 (AISI 304) Hydraulics 1.4307 (AISI 304L)

2 = Pump housing 1.4409 (AISI 316L) Hydraulics 1.4404 (AISI 316L)

5 = Pump housing EN-GJL-250 cataphoretic-coated Hydraulics 1.4307 (AISI 304L)



Maximum operating pressure in bar

16 = Helix VF 16 bar (PN 16 flange)

16 = Helix FIRST V 2.. to 16..: 16 bar: Oval flange PN 16 Helix FIRST V 22.. to 52..: 16 bar: DIN round flange PN 16

25 = Helix VF 25 bar (PN 25 flange)

25 = Helix FIRST VF 2.. to 16.. -5/25/E/S/..: 16 bar: DIN round flange PN 25 Helix FIRST VF 2.. to 16.. -5/25/E/KS/..: 25 bar: DIN round flange PN 25 Helix FIRST VF 22.. to 52..: 25 bar: DIN round flange PN 25

30 = Helix FIRST V 2.. to 52..: 30 bar: DIN round flange PN 40


Gasket type E = EPDM



Cartridge type mechanical seal


The coupling guard is on a line with suction and discharge ports of the pump


Connection voltage in V


Frequency in Hz

Technical data

Basis of VdS approval:

  • VdS 2344:2014-07
  • VdS 2100-07:2013-05

The VdS approval No. is P 418007


Wilo – Helix VF pump types VdS certified are available in AISI304 and AISI316L. The pumps are available with standard mechanical seal or cartridge mechanical seal. Wilo-Helix VF and Wilo-Helix FIRST VF fulfil the VdS requirements for seal materials such as for example EPDM, FKM.


The non self-priming high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump has a particularly compact overall design. The pump shaft and the motor shaft of the IEC standard motor are connected by means of a clamp coupling. A separate lantern

roller bearing ensures optimum admission of axial thrusts.

Intermediate bearings in the hydraulics and corrosion-resistant shaft due to stainless steel sleeve ensure a long service life. Special, permanently attached lifting eyes enable easy pump installation.

The marking of the pump is non-detachable, non-flammable and permanent.

Delivery state

  • Wilo-Helix VF or Wilo-Helix FIRST VF high-pressure multistage centrifugal pump
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • PN16 version with oval flanges: stainless steel counter flanges with the corresponding screws, nuts and gaskets for Wilo-Helix VF and cast iron counter flanges for Wilo - Helix FIRST VF

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Helix V ATEX

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Edition 2020-10
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Certificate REACH (Documents)

REACH regulation

Edition 2020-08
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