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Wilo maintenance and repair service

We offer you a variety of options for regularly checking that our products operate smoothly, and also for ensuring that they keep working reliably in the long term. In doing so, we adapt our maintenance services to your individual requirements and your products on the ground.

Our services for you:

  • Professional pump and system inspection
  • Maintenance and overhaul
  • Standardised maintenance options and packages
  • Individual maintenance solutions and full service contracts
  • All maintenance work recorded in a check list

Wilo maintenance contracts:

Services Basic Comfort Premium
No minimum contract period x x x
Free-of-charge telephone number for contract customers x x x
Flat fee including work time and travel time x x x
Detailed documentation according to check list x x x
Visual inspection of the pump/installation x x x
Function check x x x
Small repairs included in flat fee x x
Includes nitrogen filling for all diaphragm pressure vessels in the pump/installation x x
No wage or travel expenses between the maintenance intervals (during normal service periods) x x
Consumables included in the price x x
Maintenance and repair of the pump/installation x x
Optimisation of the pump/installation x x
Software updates x
Wearing parts x
No wage or travel expenses between the maintenance intervals (during normal service periods) x

Take a look at our service packages!

Wilo service packages

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