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Carus Automatic Super | Wilo

Carus Automatic Super

Efficient air venting.

Your advantages
Wilo-Carus Super 1/2"

Efficient air venting.

Wilo-Carus Air Super is the ideal solution to provide continuous air venting of closed heating and chilled water circuits in domestic and commercial buildings. The design with protective cap and the expansion sealer rings prevents leaks.

The long distance between the water and the closing mechanism as well as the conical shape of the cap reduce the possibility of contamination.

Your advantages

  • Higher efficiency of the heating and chilled water system thanks to the intelligent “open closed”- principle of the float valve
  • High reliability and less maintenance by removing free air out of the system
  • No water contamination through the conical shape and long distance between water level and venting valve
  • Reduced noise level thanks to efficient air venting
Series description


Automatic air vent.


  • Or high output air and gas venting in commercial closed heating and chilled water applications.



Technical data

  • Minimum/Maximum working temperature: -10 °C / 120 °C
  • Minimum/Maximum working pressure: 0.2 / 10.0 bar
  • Suitable for addition of glycol-based anti-freeze up to 50%

Certificate REACH

REACH Regulation

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