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Industrial standard due to its sturdy and robust plastic casing and the scratch-resistant monitor screen. A carrying case for additional protection is also included in the scope of delivery.

  • 2 alkali batteries (1.5 V, AA) for power supply,
  • EEPROM for data buffering
  • Vibration resistance in acc. with DIN EN 60068-2-6.
  • Display (50 x 50 mm) with backlight that can be switched on
  • Angle of aperture IR-bearing 15°, maximum transmission/receiving distance 8m.
  • Automatic communication structure without addressing the pump.
  • Operating life approx. 24 hrs. when on and illuminated


  • Remote control with infrared interface for electronically controlled Wilo pumps
  • Commissioning and diagnostic instrument/tool
  • Extension of pump functions
  • Rotation test unit for all pump motors and standard motors


Main menu

The main menu of the IR-Monitor is divided into 6 function menus:

Menu 1: “Communication”

The menu initiates the automatic setup or a connection between the IR-Monitor and the pump. The selective activation of individual pumps within a group of pumps ≤ 1000 W is also possible here.

Menu 2: “Display”

System data can be read here, e.g. actual electrical and hydraulic values, operating status, operating mode, fault messages.

The display always distinguishes clearly between "Single pump" and "Twin-head pump".

Menu 3: “Operate”

Data can be both displayed and changed in this menu (current setpoint), e.g. control mode, setpoint, pump ON/OFF, disabling the manual operation level of the pump (pump ON/OFF, Ext. OFF and SSM are still active).

Menu 4: “Statistics”

The Statistics menu provides a clear histogram of the hydraulic output (volume flow Q) for the analysis of operating periods. This makes the load conditions of the hydraulic system visible over a definable operating period. This menu also has an operating hours and operating data counter.

Menu 5: “Service”

The service menu gives the user the option of fault diagnosis, fault statistics, function tests of the pump, of the IR-Monitor and of the serial digital interface, as well as monitoring the direction of rotation and measuring the frequency of the rotating field.

These two measurements can also be conducted for all conventional pumps without IR interface.

Menu 6: “Adjust”

Language selection, contrast and time-out settings, changing and activating the personal password are available to adjust the IR-Monitor to suit individual requirements.

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REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
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