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Your advantages

Your advantages

Along with the PC Software Wilo Service Tool, the Wilo-IR-Stick offers:

  • Clear presentation and direct, fast, intuitive access to all pump data and parameters
  • Graphic presentation of the most important pump settings in one view
  • Saving of all pump data to documentation, further processing and archiving with Excel
  • From Excel, the recorded pump data can be printed in the desired presentation
  • Pump data can be recorded in an Excel file for longer periods in order to analyse of chronological sequences for pump data

The wireless IR communication enables:

  • Setting and monitoring pumps that are installed in inaccessible locations
  • Special settings/control modes for special requirements
  • Protection against unauthorised access directly at the pump
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PC requirements

To operate the Wilo-IR-Stick, a commercially available Windows PC/notebook necessary is required that must meet certain requirements:

  • Interfaces: USB 1.1 connection (USB 2.x / 3.x compatible)
  • Operating system: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • Display: Min. XGA (1024 x 768 pixels)

The current firmware for the Wilo-IR-Stick along with the current operating software is available for downloading at


USB stick for wireless data exchange for all Wilo pumps with infrared interface; can be adapted to all laptops with USB interface. The IR-Stick in combination with the supplied Wilo software (CD-ROM), makes it possible to read out and save data records for pumps as well as send previously defined pump settings.


Function and operation

The Wilo-IR-Stick is connected like a USB memory stick at the USB connection at the PC/notebook. For easier alignment of the infrared interface to the pump, the supplied USB cable extension can be used. The IR transponder is located in the outer face surface of the stick across from the USB plug. The IR transponder of the stick should be pointed to the window of the infra-red interface at the pump. Operation is done using the Windows PC Software WILO Service Tool.

Establishing a connection

Information is wirelessly exchanged between the IR-Stick and pump(s) via an infrared interface with 33 kHz or 455 kHz. The slow transmission with 33 kHz guarantees the compatibility of all existing electronically controlled pumps with infra-red interfaces. After the selection of the desired pump, the logical connection with this pump will be established during the connection setup. Until the connection is ended, there will only be communication with this pump even if other pumps are within range.

Troubleshooting support

In the event of an error of the pump, all the previously valid operating data will be saved in the pump. For diagnostic purposes, this can be read out and analysed with the Wilo Service Tool in the PC.

Statistical functions

Statistical information is saved in many pumps. This data can be read out and graphically evaluated with the Wilo Service Tool. This evaluation provides valuable information about operating conditions and settings which can be used to optimise the pump and the settings.

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