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The Wilo-CAN high-speed interface for high dynamics

What began with the Stratos series has now become standard at Wilo: the Wilo-CAN high-speed interface. Wilo-CAN corresponds to the industry standard CANopen and is thus an open system. As it is an actual Multimaster bus, it enables spontaneous communication. This guarantees high dynamics – a standard proven a million times over in the automobile sector.

Proven mechanism for data transmission

In order to be able to make use of the high dynamics of the CAN bus even in an industrial environment in a simple way, the CANopen standard provides a mechanism for realising cyclical and result-controlled data transmission.

The CAN interface with 125 kBit/s under ISO 11898 is used.

Device profiles ensure standardised use

Based on this, profiles have been developed for various device classes which ensure the interoperability and standardised use of devices. The device profile CiA 450 defines the properties of liquid pumps. Wilo pumps with a CAN bus interface already satisfy the basis of all device profiles, the CiA DS 301. With the help of electronic data sheets (.eds files), it can be easily used with commercially available PLCs or CANopen bus configurators.

More detailed information on the topic of CANopen can be found at CAN in Automation.


Descriptions and additional information


  • Stratos/Stratos-D/Stratos-Z series with CAN bus interface


  • This module also contains the interface for


Relevant documentation


  • CronoLine IL-E/DL-E series (SW >= 4.00)
  • VeroLine IP-E/DP-E series (from (SW >= 3.00))
  • Stratos GIGA series
  • Economy MHIE series (SW >= 3.00)
  • Multivert MVIE series
    (1.1 – 4 kW SW >= 3.00; 5.5 – 7.5 kW SW >= 4.00)
  • Helix VE series
    (1.1 – 4 kW SW >= 3.00; 5.5 – 7.5 kW SW >= 4.00)
  • Helix EXCEL series


Relevant documentation