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Port 600.1-2250-04D

Dati tecnici
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Ready for assembly plastic sump made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene in monolithic construction without sealing surfaces, optionally with telescopic extension. Certification according to EN 12050-2 with deposit-free pump chamber geometry and lifting brackets for easy removal and transportation. Anti-buoyant for ground water levels up to surface of ground without additional concrete weights provided by the customer. Removable non-return ball valve in rectangular design directly on the discharge ports of the pump for reliable seal, as there is always a supply pressure. Surface coupling with facility for an optional flush connection and vacuum relief valve. Surface coupling for quick and easy pump assembly and a facility for an optional flush connection and vacuum relief valve. Bushing gate valve with optional operating extension. Incl. chain as pump lifting device. Pump chamber cover in accordance with EN 124 in categories A 15 and B 125 can be installed directly onto the pump chamber without a weight distribution plate, optional class D 400 (with customer-supplied weight distribution plate) available.

Campo d’applicazione consentito
per pompe Wilo
Drain TS 40, Drain TC 40, Drain STS 40
Pressione max. ammissibile nel tubo di mandata P
10 bar
Temperatura del fluido min.
0 °C
Temperatura del fluido max.
40 °C
Temperatura ambiente min.
3 °C
Temperatura ambiente max.
20 °C
Dati tecnici
Volume del serbatoio V
560 l
Allacciamento uscita
R 1½
DN 100
Materiale recipiente
Durata L
880 mm
Larghezza W
880 mm
Altezza H
2250 mm
61 kg
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Wilo-Port 600

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