Pressure boosting


Continuous power at the highest level

Reliable supply of water in static high-lying taps. Fluctuating water consumption in different types of buildings, such as schools, hospitals or hotels, requires flexible systems which meet individual demands. When gravitational systems such as water towers cannot be used for the water supply due to spatial conditions, a system is required to boost the pressure. These systems provide adequate water pressure in high-rise buildings, in high-altitude inhabited areas and in plant systems, either in supply or circulation systems. Using Wilo pressure-boosting systems, you can ensure that water will be supplied reliably.

Customised Wilo solutions for optimal water pressure

Especially in the case of residential areas that have grown up over time or attic conversions, the pressure cannot be maintained above and immediately below water reservoirs. Therefore, a pressure-boosting system might also be required in residential buildings. Buildings such as apartment blocks, schools, hospitals and hotels place considerable demands on the water supply on all floors. Wilo provides flexible systems for pressure boosting for every installation location to enable a convenient and reliable supply of water. What’s more, a self-priming pump from Wilo is the ideal solution for outdoor cleaning purposes or for plant irrigation. It can be set up next to ponds, lakes, streams or rainwater barrels. This saves on costly precious tap water.