Fire protection and drinking water

Fire-extinguishing and fire protection systems only get used in the event of a fire. They are filled with water and if not flushed, there is the danger that the water could become hygienically unsafe. If such systems are connected to a drinking water installation, they pose a danger to the drinking water. Stagnant water typically forms in fire-extinguishing systems. Stagnant water may lead to pathogenic germs forming. Under DIN 1988 and DIN EN 1717, process water systems such as fire-extinguishing systems are required to be isolated from public drinking water system, e.g. by means of free outflow protection devices (type: AA, AB). The potential hazard of bacteriological re-contamination of domestic and public drinking water systems has to be eliminated by law. In the drinking water separator station from WILO IndustrieSysteme, the certified free outflow type AB is integrated.

Ready for use in every instance

Different building situations, combined with different regional regulations, require specific solutions. Fire-extinguishing systems can be individually assembled with high-quality Wilo components. Profit from our expertise and our highly efficient pump technology. For example, with fully automatic water-supply units in a robust system made up of energy-efficient high-pressure centrifugal pumps and standard motors.

Wilo high-efficiency pumps for firefighting offer solutions specific to the industrial sector and ensure compliance with regional regulations. Our solutions meet the requirements of DIN 14462 for the maximum protection of people, goods and buildings. Just as important is the absolute operational reliability in the event of a fire.

Wilo offers high-quality complete systems for reliable and safe fire water usage. The fire-extinguishing systems from Wilo are particularly suitable

  • for wall and exterior hydrants
  • for sprinkler systems in addition to wall and exterior hydrants
  • for high-rise buildings and properties