Sewage is created wherever people live in buildings and can be split into the categories of wastewater and rainwater. Wastewater is usually piped straight into the sewer system and then treated at a wastewater treatment plant, so that it can be returned to the water cycle. However, rainwater can be drained both separately via a separation system or together with the wastewater using a mixing system. Developers and operators are advised to always draw up a drainage plan with a specialist planner to prevent surprises later on.

Entwässerung Regenwasserentsorgung

In order to ensure the drainage station remains operational, the individual elements such as the sewage lifting unit, backflow prevention devices and pipes must be maintained and cleaned at regular intervals. In cellars flooded by severe precipitation, the problem is usually caused by the lack of a shut-off device for the drainage points. As a not

insignificant number of the drainage pipes installed in buildings leak or start to leak over time, it is recommended that you perform a leak test regularly to ensure that your sewage lifting unit does not pump sewage into the masonry and cause extensive damage. Wilo, as a premium manufacturer of high-quality pump systems, is pleased to be your first port of call for customer-oriented service and integrated system solutions.

Drainage of properties and buildings

For most people, smooth, trouble-free sewage removal is a normal state that is taken for granted. The importance of properly functioning building and property drainage stations usually only becomes apparent when the water no longer drains away properly.

Normally, problems occur in drainage stations due to damaged or broken pipes, which allow sewage and eroded earth to get into the ground water. This causes contamination, resulting in enormous costs due to longer pump running times in wastewater treatment plants. Severe erosion and washout of earth under roads can endanger the infrastructure in the vicinity. This is why property owners are obliged to ensure that correct operation of the drainage station is maintained. We are pleased to be at your side as a competent partner on all matters relating to care and maintenance.

Fields of application for drainage stations

Drainage stations are used both in domestic households and properties as well as in public facilities. Wilo drainage pumps have been used successfully for many years in underground and structural engineering, landscaping and in sports facilities. In addition to this, our pumps are used for extracting water from lakes and rivers, dewatering and in diverse drainage systems.

Entwässerung Regenwasserentsorgung