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Even in times of the Corona crisis, work on the heating, water supply and sewage disposal system is essential for you as a specialist.

How would it be if, despite the difficult situation - in which personal contact should almost be avoided - you always have a specialist at your side when servicing pumps? Won’t work? Well it does: with our Wilo-Live Assistant - the mobile and digital solution for all questions about pumps and pump system solutions!

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Wilo wins best stand award at Ethiocon 2019

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From 24th to 27th September Wilo participated in the Ethio-Con exhibition showcasing water pump technologies and solutions in the building services sector. The exhibition was held at the Millenium Hall in Addis Ababa Ethiopia

Wilo East Africa participates in the Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2019

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Wilo East Africa once again participated in the annual Naivasha Horticultural Fair that took place from 20th to 21st September in Naivasha.The two day fair is one of the largest in the country, bringing together a number of key stakeholders in the horticultural and agricultural sector.

Wilo East Africa team runs for a reason at the Standard Chartered Marathon 2019

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Wilo East Africa's team in Kenya participated in the Standard Chartered Marathon 2019 that seeks to raise funds towards the "Futuremakers’ initiative" a new global campaign by Standard Chartered Bank to open opportunities for the next generation to learn, earn and grow.

Wilo East Africa Building Services Seminar

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Wilo East Africa held a full day seminar on building services on Friday 24th October at Villa Rosa Kempinski. This seminar is lined up with the actuality that the economic use of buildings increasingly requires innovative and energy-saving systems composed of optimally aligned and configured components.

Wilo East Africa Building Services Seminar

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Wilo East Africa held a full day training on building services, which is one of Wilo's key market segments. The building services segment involves; firefighting pumps, drainage and sewage pumps, hot and cold water supply pumps as well as HVAC.

Wilo East Africa Water Management Seminar

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Wilo East Africa hosted the first water management seminar in Nairobi, inviting consultants, water service providers and practitioners at Villa Rosa Kempinski on 12th July 2019. The event was spearheaded with presentations by the Director for emerging markets -water management market segment, Mr. Kulkarni Umesh and the Managing Director Wilo East Africa Mr. Belete Matebe.

Wilo East Africa participates in the 22nd Build Expo

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Wilo East Africa (WEA) for the first time participated in one of the largest building and construction exhibitions in the region dubbed the BUILD EXPO at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) from 4th to 6th July. This year marked the 22nd edition of the annual event in Nairobi, bringing together exhibitors from 40 countries around the world and attracting hundreds of participants from the Eastern African region to the forum.

Wilo East Africa internal Water Management Seminar

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In the month of July from 8th to 10th, Wilo East Africa organized an internal training amongst the key sales managers and application engineers from Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan, also joined by Country Managers, Managing Director WEA and the Regional Manager water management for emerging market segment. This training was grounded on the company‘s eminent tagline, Pioneering for You, for an enhanced capacity training will be able serve you, our customers and stakeholders better!

The East Africa Water Summit 2018

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Wilo Participated in The East Africa Water Summit 2018 held on 22nd and 23nd November.The summit had been organized with the aim of addressing the issue of access to sustainable water for social-economic development. This was done by bringing together key stakeholders in the water sector.

The summit provided them with a platform to interact, share, discuss as well as develop solutions to key issues that affect water sector in Kenya and East African Region.

As such, the expected solutions based on innovations and knowledge would inform policies in this sector and critically contribute to Kenya’s Big Four Agenda. Much more, they would contribute to sustainable development in the East Africa Water Sector, which is in line with Sustainable Development Goal 6 of the United Nations.


Wilo exhibited throughout the two-day summit. We displayed some of our products in Water supply, drainage and sewage. This demonstrated that Wilo produces pumps that guarantee maximum reliability, flexibility and efficiency. Our Key services are positioned in the sectors of Water management, Building services and Industry. Therefore, Wilo is a key stakeholder in the Water sector for East African Region and particularly in achieving The Big Four Agenda in Kenya.

Presentations and Panel discussions

Speakers noted that Access to sustainable water in Kenya is at crisis since at least two million people lack access to safe water. It was also noted that there is a huge deficit in the funding of the water sector as well as the impacts of climate change and increasing global temperature which are among the major challenges. The Cabinet Secretary for water Hon. Simon Chelugui noted that Kenya is open to ideas and innovations from all over the world and has benchmarked with the best for the service providers, which has led to a review of the Public Private Partnership framework.

Other topics discussed included Pipeline Efficiency, Water Permit Systems, Regulation of Water Services, Enhancing Flood and Drought Resilience, Groundwater Management and Aquifer Protection, Infrastructure for Smart Agricultural Practices, Large-scale Water Harvesting and Storage, Domestic Water Harvesting and Storage, Smart Water Networks and waste water management.

Proposed Way Forward

Some key highlights on the way forward is the adoption of new technology by the public sector. This would improve on management and regulation of water resources and particularly improve the collection of revenue. It promotes transparency hence more public-private partnerships. Much more it was concluded that there is need to sensitize the public on the need to protect water resources.

Naivasha Horticultural Fair 2018

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WILO participated in the 16th Edition of Naivasha Horticultural Fair, Africa's biggest Horticultural Fair. The event was held on 21st - 22nd of September 2018 and attracted audience from accross the continent and Europe. Stakeholders in the horticultural industry showcased their products and services.

The Horticultural industry in East Africa generates billions of revenue annually hence its importance to the East African Economy and Africa in general. As a result, this event attracted thousands of members of public who visited various booths majorly to learn the various technologies being used in Horticulture. As a reliable partner in Agriculture, Wilo Show cased her various pumps and pump systems used in irrigation.
Since her inception in 1872, Wilo's innovative technology have characterised the product range. Wilo will continue being your trusted partner in Agriculture. We are glad to everyone who visited our stand.