Wilo-GEP Fire-SF

Series description

Your advantages

  • Space-saving compact unit for a minimum installation surface starting at 0.64 m²
  • Hygienic safety via free drain type AB in accordance with DIN EN 1717
  • Modular compact unit certified by DVGW, DEKRA and TÜV-Süd
  • Automatic function test of all measurement and control devices to redundancy level 3 and automatic stagnant water flushing of the drinking water connecting cable
  • Installation is also possible below the backflow level and the output of operational and error messages via potential-free contacts through the optional pump-emergency drainage


Compact drinking water-sewage system for pressure boosting for water spray systems as indirect connection with drinking water-full supply in accordance with DIN EN 1717, DIN 1988-600 and DIN EN 12845. With a variable number of vertical, multistage high-pressure centrifugal pumps, with or without run-down tanks as well as with or without full fairing.


For fully-automatic fire protection in industrial plants and large estates.


  • On baseplate, hydraulically and electrically pre-configured pump system
  • Multistage centrifugal pumps of the Helix V, VE or MVI, MVIE series
  • Pipework made of stainless steel
  • Emergency overflow with siphon
  • Integrated minimum flow rate control
  • Industrial water connection using Victaulic roll grooving system, structure-borne noise insulation
  • Pump control of the pressure boosting system depending on the pressure
  • The separated sewage system completely automatic implements all measuring, switching and monitoring tasks. Display of all message texts such as function parameters or error messages via an external operating display
  • Draining or emergency draining (DIN EN 12056) of the entire replenished drinking water volume flow

Scope of delivery

  • Drinking water sewage system delivered ready for connection, configured, checked for proper functioning and leakages
  • Installation and operating instructions
  • Wiring diagram
  • Maintenance instructions

Type key


Wilo-GEP Fire-SF/ C 324-4-2-1,0-VEA xxxx-R0


Pressure boosting system for fire fighting


Class/connectionB class (direct)C class (indirect)


Type class


Number of impellers


Number of pumps


Pump distribution (e.g. 1 = 100 % per pump; 0.5 = 50 % per pump)


Control mode (V; VR; VE; VEA) V (fixed speed)VR (bypass control)VE (speed control)VEA (real pressure method)




Redundancy level (in conjunction with an additional module)Redundancy level 0 (R0)Redundancy level 1 (R1)Redundancy level 2 (R2)Redundancy level 3 (R3)

Technical data

  • ELT connection 400 V / 50 Hz
  • Stainless steel run-down tank
  • Installation surface – from 0.64 m2, can be extended in the raster 80 x 80 cm
  • Free outlet in accordance with DIN EN 1717
  • Configurable control for individual applications
  • Configuration of the pump system in accordance with the specifications of the required overall hydraulic performance


  • Impellers, diffusers, stage housing made of stainless steel 1.4307
  • Pump housing of stainless steel 1.4301
  • Shaft of stainless steel 1.4057
  • 1.4404 shaft protection sleeve
  • O-Ring gaskets made of EPDM (FKM gasket on request)
  • Run-down tanks made of stainless steel
  • Pipework made of stainless steel


  • Baseplate:Hydraulically and electrically pre-configured pump system, run-down tank, control, pneumatic valves, structure-borne noise insulation, measuring instruments, emergency spillway
  • Pipework:Complete pipework made of stainless steel, suitable for the connection of all conventional piping materials; the pipework is designed according to the overall hydraulic performance of the pressure boosting system
  • Pumps:Helix V, VE or MVI, MVIE series pumps, for more information about the pump, please refer to the catalogue section “High-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps”
  • Monitoring connection:Control connection for the function test of pumps and actuators.
  • Stagnant water connection: Integrated stagnant water connection for replacing the volume of water of the drinking water connection pipe in accordance with DIN 1988-600.Flushing quantity depending on the time, conductor length/content.
  • Pump control: Manual/Automatic switch per pump, standard soft starter for individual switching capacity over 4 kW.Requirements-dependent and pressure-dependent cut-in and deactivation of the integrated pump(s).
  • Rotation connection ensuring consistent operating hour figures of all pumps of the drinking water-sewage system.
  • Emergency operation pipe:Securing of the pump minimum volume flow in accordance with DIN 14462 and DIN EN 12845
  • Operating and error messages:Functional check of the drinking water-replenishment valves and pumps, overflow indicator, dry-running protection, operating and error messages in plain text display
  • Building management systems: Potential-free contact for external fault display
  • Run-down tank: Specially developed run-down tanks made of stainless steel with free outlet in accordance with DIN EN 1717. Replenishment of high volume flows at low volume of water in the run-down tank. In the separator integrated with tank for reduction of gas input and reduction of the inflow speed.Connection for possible connection of the pump test pipe to the run-down tank.
  • Drinking water replenishment:Replenishment from public mains in accordance with DIN EN 1717 with free outlet type AB
  • Emergency drainage with overflow siphon:Upon cut in of the emergency spillway with integrated anti-syphon trap, drainage is performed in the underpressure system


REACH regulation

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