Wilo-Padus UNI

Series description

Special features/product advantages

  • Outstanding reliability, thanks to corrosion-free hydraulics for universal applications and various fluids
  • Easy installation due to its low weight, integrated capacitor on the AC motor and threaded flange
  • Optimal efficiency and high operational reliability thanks to improved hydraulics
  • Quick maintenance facilitated by direct access to the sealing chamber and pump housing
  • Long maintenance intervals thanks to the double mechanical seal and large-volume sealing chamber
  • Clog-free thanks to the integrated strainer


The Wilo-Padus UNI is the ideal entry-level model for wastewater transport in small commercial buildings. The pump can be used as a portable device or in a pump chamber for a diverse range of fluids. The hydraulics with corrosion-free composite and its smooth surface offers high reliability and makes the pump universal for use in diverse fluids. The installation of the pump is significantly easier due to the low weight, the integration of its capacitor in the single-phase motor and the threaded connection. Especially the maintenance is comfortable due to the direct access to the main components. The service intervals are long thanks to the double mechanical seal and the large sealing chamber. The Wilo-Padus UNI can be combined with the Wilo-Control and can be integrated into building management systems.

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Wilo-Padus UNI


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Edition 2018
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