Wilo-Stratos PICO plus

Series description

Special features/product advantages

Maximum energy efficiency thanks to the combination of EC motor technology, the new Wilo-Smart Balance App, Dynamic Adapt and precise setting options

High reliability due to self-protecting routines such as the automatic dry-running detection and automatic restart

Convenient hydronic balancing with the Wilo-Smart Balance App

Intuitive adjustment and maintenance via Green Button Technology for the activation of functions and operating modes on the LC display

Easy monitoring of the current electricity consumption or flow and the cumulative kWh

Simple tool-free electrical connection with the Wilo-Connector


The perfect interplay of an EC motor, hydronic balancing via smartphone app, the proven Dynamic Adapt function and settings accuracy of 0.1 m means that the Wilo-Stratos PICO plus delivers maximum energy efficiency.

Intuitive operation and maintenance, supported by symbols on the LCD screen, as well as automatic protection features offer a high degree of operating comfort. The new Wilo-Smart Balance App makes hydronic balancing much more straightforward.

Design type

Glandless circulator with screwed connection, blocking-current proof EC motor and integrated electronic power control.


All hot-water heating systems, air-conditioning applications, industrial circulation systems.


Operating modes

  • Δ p-c for constant differential pressure
  • Δ p-v for variable differential pressure, combinable with the Dynamic Adapt control function
  • Compatible with the Wilo-Smart Balance App

Manual functions

  • Setting the operating mode
  • Setting of pump output (delivery head)
  • Setting automatic setback operation
  • Reset function for resetting the electricity meter
  • Reset function for resetting to factory settings
  • "Hold" function (key lock) for disabling the settings

Automatic functions

  • Infinitely variable power adjustment according to the operating mode
  • Automatic setback operation
  • Automatic venting function
  • Automatic dry-running detection
  • Automatic restart

Signal and display functions

  • Display of the current power consumption in W
  • Display of the current flow in m³/h
  • Display of the cumulative kilowatt hours in kWh
  • Display of fault messages (error codes)


  • Wrench attachment point on pump body
  • Quick electrical connection with Wilo-Connector
  • Automatic venting
  • Blocking-current proof motor
  • Particle filter
  • Thermal insulation as standard for heating applications

Scope of delivery

  • Pump
  • Thermal insulation
  • Wilo-Connector
  • Seals
  • Installation and operating instructions

Type key


Wilo-Stratos PICO plus 30/1-4

Stratos PICOplus

High-efficiency pump (screw-end pump), electronically controlled


Nominal connection diameter


Nominal delivery head range [m]


Port-to-port length


Stainless steel housing

Technical data

  • Fluid temperature +2 °C to +110 °C
  • Mains connection 1~230 V, 50 Hz
  • Protection class IPX4D
  • Screwed connection Rp ½, Rp 1 and Rp 1¼
  • Max. operating pressure 10 bar


  • Pump housing: Cast iron (Stainless steel: Type …-N)
  • Thermal insulation: polypropylene
  • Shaft: Stainless steel
  • Bearing: carbon, metal impregnated
  • Impeller: Plastic

Duty chart

Wilo-Stratos PICO plus


REACH Regulation

Edition 2018-10
Page format 209.9 x 296.7 mm
Number of pages 4

PDF (581 kB)


General overview 2018 International version

Article Number 2200591
Edition 2018
Version number 1
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 64

PDF (46 MB)


Wilo-Stratos PICO plus

Article Number 4217735
Edition 1704
Version number 01
Page format A4
Number of pages 72

PDF (5 MB)



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