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Float switch MS1 with 10 m cable

Technical data
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Float switches for level control devices as min./max switches for fluids that are aggressive or contain faeces, floats with the fluid and switches when tilted. Because of its construction and switching point, the float switch can exhibit only a very small hysteresis. This property cannot be changed, not even the length of the cable. In order to use the float switch, a switchgear with adjustable run-on time must be used. Switching: up "ON"/down "OFF"

When used in potentially explosive areas an Ex cut-off relay must be provided for the connection!

Technical data
Cable type NGMH11YÖ
Cable cross-section 3G0,75 mm²
Cable length 10 m
Max. contact capacity 250 VAC/5 A
Contact type Changeover contact
Min. fluid temperature 5 °C
Max. fluid temperature 80 °C
Protection class IP68
Net weight, approx. 1.5 kg
Make Wilo
Item no. 2004593

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